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  1. Hi. Do we have any news about uploading new version of patch for PS4. We need somehow to solve this problem. If you need some support of users (our support) just say what we gonna do to get answer from Bethesda. Thank's.
  2. Hi. 1. Are there any changes in PS4 version uploading or not? 2. Patches for the game are somehow related to the download problem? Thank's.
  3. Thanks for your answer and all we (PS4 fans) can do in this case is waiting for fixing this. I hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible.
  4. I see. I have one last question. Maybe it can seems to be stupid and I in advance apologizing cause don't know technical staff but could the problem be in the patch 2.0.9 itself? I guess it's local problem cause other mods successfully updating. P.S. Yesterday casually found one interesting comment to new version of other mod for PS4 in Bethesda site: "Corrected upload error with previous version." Thank's for answering.
  5. The worst thing is that without Bethesda's site it can't be applied. It's really nothing we can do?
  6. Hi. First of all I want to say thank you very match for your great job and I have one question. We (PS4 users) still can't enjoy new version of this awesome patch cause available only 2.0.7 for PS4. Do you have any progress in uploading 2.0.9 for PS4? P.S. I am checking news about it every day. Thank's.

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