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  1. @Infernio Apparently I wasn't. Installing that build seems to have fixed the issue, since the application starts up properly now.
  2. First off, apologies if this has been posted a hundred times and I just missed the proper reply in this thread. When installing Skyrim SE I wanted to run Wrye Bash, when it gave a Python error. Since the error was mentioning some kind of locale problem, I assumed it had something to do with a weird Daylight Savings Time issue (as I wanted to this the very day after DST ended here in the Netherlands) but at this point it still fails with the same error. Since the error itself told me to post the error info here, here it is: Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\bash.pyo", line 188, in main File "bash\bash.pyo", line 372, in _main File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 4055, in Init File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 3709, in __init__ File "bash\balt.pyo", line 3138, in __init__ File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 3609, in UpdateIconSizes File "bash\balt.pyo", line 3153, in _addButton File "bash\basher\app_buttons.pyo", line 202, in GetBitmapButton File "bash\balt.pyo", line 181, in GetBitmap File "wx\_gdi.pyo", line 648, in __init__ PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "strcmp(setlocale(LC_ALL, NULL), "C") == 0" failed at ..\..\src\common\intl.cpp(1449) in wxLocale::GetInfo(): You probably called setlocale() directly instead of using wxLocale and now there is a mismatch between C/C++ and Windows locale. Things are going to break, please only change locale by creating wxLocale objects to avoid this! Thank you very much for any help!

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