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  1. Here are some Google Drive Mirrors. The only reason I haven't created a proper file upload as it's easier this way for me to upload copies as well as notes with them so anyone who wants them knows what they're getting. Will update this post when I have reorganized the files for the last iteration of the mod, Wayshrines Remnants of a Forgotten Era. Wayshrines of Old SSE - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hnRyT2tpXt0PWIyQ4yL8I2xC3Ve0o_Qu/view?usp=sharing
  2. I found all of the raw files, meshes, textures, scripts, etc for my wayshrines. Taking up around 8GB on my Cloud. Will try and organize it, upload what I can and then free up my cloud. :thonk:

    1. Tasheni


      This is great news. Your work is awesome :wub:

    2. JayCrane


      Sorry for the extremely late reply, I kept getting my password wrong then got locked out aha. Thank you so much <3

  3. I am actually a clown and didn't realize I had to turn on statuses manually....

  4. Thank you! It means a lot to hear that! I am fortunate someone had a copy of the files, and even more fortunate it was Arthmoor aha.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Mirror on The Sims Resource I am the original creator, JayCrane, but I am no longer a modder. This file is released as is, and will not receive updates. You are free to use, modify, and reupload as long as credits are given. This plugin adds the Yato Shrine from the series, Noragami: Stray God as decor. This is a remake of my previous plugin, featuring a completely new model and set of textures. The Shrine can be found and obtained in the MISC section of DECORATIONS for free. - Custom Thumbnail - 2 Swatches (Default and Less Saturation) HIGH LOD Vertices: 227 Polygons: 160 Dropshadow: 12/8 Phong: 148/219 MEDIUM LOD Vertices: 212 Polygons: 152 Dropshadow: 12/8 Phong: 140/204 CREDITS Noragami: Stray God AdachiToka Textures created in Substance Painter 2018 and further modified in Photoshop CC 2018 Brushes from the Dry Oil Media Brush Set by Kyle T. Webster Made with Sims 4 Studio. Screenshots: Good Fortune Cat by Nana Asian Bedroom (Folding Screen) and Japanese Lamp by Severinka Sonic Bedroom (Bonsai) by NynaeveDesign Nature in (Dining Table) by SIMcredibledesigns.com
  6. German Translations is available on Nexus and Russian Translation is on TESALL
  7. Thank you to Arthmoor for helping me recover the file. This is the Original Copy of Wayshrines of Old from 2017. Unfortunately, I no longer own later copies and I also do not recommend using them anyway as they had a lot of issues. I am the original creator, JayCrane, but I am no longer a modder. This file is released as is, and will not receive updates. You are free to use, modify, and reupload as long as credits are given. The file is attached to this thread. Requires SSE Wayshrines of Old is a simple plugin that adds remnants of the second era, wayshrines, as an alternate way to travel the province of Skyrim and Solstheim! These shrines have withstood the test of time as researchers in collaboration with Arch-Mages from all over have maintained them and re-purposed them so anyone can use them. LOCATIONS Hold Capitals: Whiterun Markarth Riften Windhelm Solitude Winterhold Falkreath Morthal Dawnstar Unique Locations High Hrothgar Skaal Village (Dragonborn) Raven Rock (Dragonborn) Castle Volkihar (Dawnguard) Dayspring Canyon (Dawnguard) NOTES Files have been checked and cleaned with TES5Edit! Meshes have been checked with NifScan and fixed with NifSkope. File credits DSoS for his script that is used as the fast traveling system for the wayshrines. Anbeegod for helping me iron out a lot of bugs. The Nordic Wayshrine and all its variants of it was loosely based off of ZeniMax’s Nordic Wayshrine from Elder Scrolls Online. Mesh was created with Blender 2.78a and further modified with 3DS Max 2015, NifUtilsSuite, and NifSkope. Textures from Textures.com and deviantART.com were modified with Paint.NET. Texture(s): WoodEnds0084, RooftilesSlate0064, WoodRough0023, Ornament Border, from Textures.com and Tileable Pergola Wood Texture by ftourini. Bethesda for the various meshes and textures used to create various mashups and add on to the Nordic Wayshrine. Billyro for his normal and specular maps as well as the snow variant of the Nordic Wayshrine. Arthmoor and Hanaisse for allowing me to use the Markarth Banner Texture from USLEEP. This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by Zenimax or it’s affiliates! Wayshrines of Old - SSE.zip
  8. When I retired from modding years ago I deleted everything, that was my intent. Completely deleting everything (all of my accounts, websites and my content). I do feel bad that those who wanted to try out my content are no longer able to. But in the same breath, my content was a buggy mess and the one thing I did (probably to the point of annoying my friends) was obsess over it every day. The last thing I ever wanted was people using a buggy version of my content that would ruin their game, and if I was still a mod author and using the nexus, I would fret over not being able to delete the earlier versions
  9. What are people's thoughts on the new update so far (Markarth)? Can finally go near Skyhaven temple without being attacked by the forsworn natives but sadly no way up
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