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  1. I didn't really want to be involved in this discussion as I've already had my say. But I will ask if anyone has questions about Wabbajack they can feel free to talk to me, read the docs on Github, or even try the app. Zierry doesn't speak for the Wabbajack project, and I've asked him several times to stop arguing on my behalf. There's a fair amount of dis-information here about what Wabbajack can and can't do. Wabbajack can 100% functionally duplicate a modlist, it always errs on not installing at all instead of creating a broken install. So the whole idea of "slapping a few mods together and hope they don't break" doesn't really apply as the quality of the modlist is exactly the same as the quality of the input. We do this via content hashing, binary patching, and deterministic algorithms, if you want to read more on those subjects. This of-course does mandate that modlist authors maintain good modlists, but that also applies to mod guides (look no further than Sinitar here) As I stated in my discussion with Arthmoor, my end-goal has always been to provide as close to a one-click install as possible, and we've very successful in that endeavor, the product is built, and it works. I know people are concerned about having tons of broken installs, but in my experience it's not a concern that has manifested in the Wabbajack community. We see thousands of users (literally thousands, we're at > 7000 discord users at the moment), and aside from the normal headaches of managing a Windows app (windows isn't exactly a consistent target), users are happily playing the game 1-2 hours after they begin the install and all but 15 minutes of that is spent waiting for Wabbajack to finish its work. I know the original discussion was directed more to the Nexus' plans, but Wabbajack somehow got drug into this discussion. Hopefully the Nexus will take note of some of the methods we use, and adopt them, as anything besides content hashing will be very prone to failure and will result in hard to diagnose problems. Which incidentally is one of the problems I've had with Automaton's implementation.

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