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  1. I'm new to this site and RPG Gaming all together. So I'm looking to broaden my horizons(so to speak)..and HOPEFULLY make some new friends along the way. I've been playing Adventure Games for years but I'm getting tired of just your basic Adventure Game. So I'm ready to start something completely new and move into RPG Games. I still want to play Adventure Games but within RPG's. I like the idea of fantasy and lore, losing yourself in the game and taking a step back from reality for awhile. This is brand new to me, but I think I'm really going to enjoy this NEW JOURNEY. So be patient and don't give up on me. Reach out and say hello I'll be here and I'll need all the help I can get.

    1. redwolf49


      hi! are you still playing?  i love this game - 

    2. Uncus


      RPG's come in many flavours, so there is a lot to choose from. first thing to do is look in the RPG section of the online stores and find something that catches your interest.

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