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  1. Comments Closed on afktrack I am not sure if if your team really want to remove the ship or not, but... ZAO is clearly saying "i will still stay here for some time / for a while" (at least in the french audio...) How the transponders, and so on missiles, are supposed to work properly if the ship is gone ? IMO this is unnecessary content removal, the area could be visited back later (once the player have the pickpocket perk as example). /edit: So i also tried to explain that moving the ship outside of the bay / map corner could have been an elegant solution not ending in deleting original game content.
  2. Thanks, translated in diplomatic language. I have some remark, maybe a request or simply an idea, figure out: Base players/users would be glad to have some kind of an indicator in the game itself, as a specific consumable, water bottle, note, msgbox*... Confirming them that the unofficial patch is active (with version number). *which appears 1 time when loading or creating a game, there's some lever action rifle fix mod doing this. /e: I see the Beta has been modified sunday but winmerge says it's exactly the same content than the one posted 2 weeks earlier.
  3. Sorry for asking: So it was not possible to make the 2.1.0 with 1.10.138+ compatible construction kit ?
  4. Thanks you and sorry ! So weird, why i didn't see this ? Have a nice day. /e Done, made some beautiful tickets for your guys Not sure if "The First Step" settlement issue / quest require one.
  5. Sorry but i see no buttons or anything to make new tickets, i posted about my problem already several weeks ago, got no answer. *- Kent's path is still stuck in Medford hospital (have to push him) https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/1151/images/41447/41447-1571599184-1366364479.png https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/1151/images/41447/41447-1571599211-486882559.png *- Dr Weather's mercenary still naked https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/1151/images/41447/41447-1571581369-1414284299.png *- Hangman's Alley raiders bodies still not disappearing *- Curie romance final dialogue can still only be triggered 1 time - ever - meaning if you miss it you will never get access again. Seems it's a bug in the dialog dynamics (not intended). *- "Brown face" & "level action rifle reloading" (there's fixesmods around for these tho) *- The First Step -quest did not start because i did not started minutemen quest immediately but much later in the game. I had to "take" the related TenPines Bluff settlement manually (killing unique no-name settlers & resurrect+allowmove+reclycleactor console) because it was nearly impossible to get a radiant quest for it from Preston or Radio Freedom - late in game == level ~70+. *- I tried to intimidate some NPCs to change their Clothes & Weapons, it worked but i noticed that i can only do it 1 time - ever- . Any way to refresh this ? I will try to move them to another settlement and bring them back. Better than not sharing it
  6. The "+Cz" would have been directly validated/allowed by original creator then, or even included in whole original package if it was THAT beneficial. I think we may have more to deal with: A very large mod which itself include some useful material (ie: textures, IA scripts, environment...) that could be "isolated" with the "masking" method posted above. I have no idea if such thing has ever happened in this community.
  7. How about a mod "M1" adding the following content: "+A+B+C+D" Then creating a mod "M2" doing "-C" with the requirement to apply it after the n1 End result will be "+A+B+D" And even "M3" doing "+Cz" Here we go, we have "+A+B+Cz+D", without altering M1 package, is it "legal" ?
  8. Hi, I don't want to disturb the topic with this... Too late: 1/ I wrote "n3xus" to show it was one of the main problem of the topic, and writing it again and again only feeds the google search machine with it. Without Nexvs this WajabackInTheBack would not be able to centralize and serialize the massive download. 2/ "one click" refers to the post above where the dev explains his tool will just download mods in 1 click, it's the goal, and seems it's not subject to change -at all-. I'm not a mod maker, was just here for some translation issue... But... More than a decade ago i created myself some kind of robot, for a game, getting up to 45k+ forum users. I know this halgari has the hand and i know he can easily give a better space in his app to mod makers, i know it can make it great. Unfortunately seems he does not want to do that, it's all about deflecting on the -efforts to make the tool to deliver more stable packs-; nothing else. My opinion is: this is not an acceptable behavior, it's blatantly destructive on the long run. I'm very sad for your mod makers when i see such situation. GL, i wish i would help it more.
  9. " one-click " and you are good to ignore this insignificant detail.
  10. - Create a website where mod makers can register and design 1 full screen window in which they can put a background picture, customize -a bit- the position/colors of the "install" button, fonts, and where they can put the text and links they want. You are validating each mod for integration. - Robot's "users" will then spend a bit more time, like what ? 30 seconds ? 1 minute per mod install ? instead of 0-10 seconds... Enjoying creative posters & getting useful info for each mod - from their creators directly - Basically the one "screwed" here is N3xus... I guess this is the minimum mod makers deserve, and if i had to code such robot this is probably what i would do. I may ask help for the website tho.
  11. Oh, i just tried with my UFO4P-only save made in 2.0.8*, did gauntlet manually, it's all ok now... *:
  12. There's N3xus premium condition first, it's a bargain in-between this robot & the N3xus. It's also stealing the interaction with mod makers. This is typical consumerism scheme, with all the drawback we can imagine. The only thing i can agree with is: it was an unavoidable emergence. It's completely asymmetric and unfair for a small size mod containing a lot of scripts, fixing the whole game, being barely essential, which required a considerable time and efforts to implement. I don't know if capcha'd installers are allowed on the Nexus, i hope so. Thanks you
  13. It's lazy, unfair, probably waste much more bandwidth, all this just to serve one guy's attention (and profit?). Sad. I see there's also a 3$ bribe for Nexus... So... Use installers for mods now, no simple, exploitable, archives anymore. That's the ONLY solution i see yet.
  14. - I can select any project, and i did, there's nothing appearing related to create new case, no button, no choice, nothing related to " Select “Open New Issue” " https://i.imgur.com/MAIfg0M.jpg - These bottles are gone: i am ONLY using the unofficial patch, ever. I started 2 new games, one with NO mod, the other one with the beta ONLY. This is from a beta i downloaded 48 hours ago. GL
  15. Hi, thanks for answering so fast. So the mesh is fine ? Then i don't understand why these purified water bottles were removed. Here's what i would have done (sorry this was the first time i had to use this "CK") Bottles: =======> And aid box: ========> Maybe this sounds stupid for you but I'm a perfectionist from the others side: It should match as much as possible the original content. I hope my point is "crystal clear" [aquamarine] for you too and bring you something new. I'm enjoying this patch for scripts/quests fixes, or stuck/inaccessible/unselectable objects. My preferred fix being random encounters ofc ! Have a nice day, And ps: registered on AFK Mods bug tracker but there's no “Open New Issue” option...

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