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  1. As per the title. I understand you can get a lot of broken quests from progressing civil war before doing the quests within the holds and from capturing the cities.
  2. Thx. Also how do I get to learn about reading what a mod does and build my own patch? Is there a guide for that?
  3. The patch is relatively recent. Its released in May this year. But the author of the patch is probably a fellow user and they dont keep documentations for ppl. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/67566 Is there a way to take a peek at the contents of the little patch and determine whether it's useful or not? And if the patch is obsolete, what should I do? I am a complete noob to modding and I am only looking for some essential mods for a first time playthru. The mod thunderchild itself is from 2017. I really like it from the description but maybe its too outdated. Do you think its a good idea to stick to the mod and find all the compatibility patch, or should I just get something similiar but updated more recently instead? I am looking for shout overhaul mods. thank you for your reply
  4. This mod is from2017 and there are a load of compatibility patches on nexus. Most are obvious in what they do but there is one patch confuses me. It's called USSEP Patch. I am not sure what it does and the description doesn't tell. It says it carries over changes in USSEP to thunderchild mod. Is the patch outdated now ussep has been updated in June? Should I use it or should I wait for updated compatibility patch? If it is unlikely the author or other modders will submit ussep patch for thunderchild, what should I do? I am also afraid the patch will revert shouts like marked for death back to it's nerfed version from ussep. Does anyone who has used this patch know what it does?
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