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  1. WOW Clanfriend! Glad I helped, and in turn you helped the Linux community with your posts! Keep up the good work!
  2. Getting XEdit to work under Linux/Wine/Steam-Proton After much time scouring the Internet, you have finally found yourself here for some additional help. You may have also found that XEdit and Linux really don't like each other. Well actually they work just fine together, it's just the setup that is troublesome. I hope to help you solve this problem as it took me forever to figure out by myself what needs to be done by fixing each issue that came up, one-by-one. My Setup: I am writing this tutorial on an install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS under a pure Gnome 3.28 install. I have Steam installed using Proton v4. I also have wine-3.0. As for XEdit I am using version 4.0.2. Step By Step: 1: Download XEdit Oblivion Skyrim Skyrim Special Edition Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Fallout 4 Enderal Fallout 76 2: Install Wine-3.0 3: Unpack XEdit Right click the XEdit 4_0_2.7z and click 'extract here'. Navigate to the newly created folder and; Cut the 'FO3Edit.exe', 'Edit Scripts'(folder), 'FO3EditQuickAutoClean.exe', and paste them in your game installation directory(the directory under Linux will usually be, '/home/<USER>/.steam/steamapps/common/<GAME>') 4: Create Symbolic Link of Fallout.ini using your Linux Terminal ln -s /home/<USER>/.steam/steamapps/compatdata/<STEAM APP ID>/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My\ Documents/My\ Games/<GAME>/<GAME>.ini /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/ 5: Create launcher for XEdit in Linux Terminal 1. Create the file with nano(or vi if you like), and save the file with CTRL+X(With nano) nano /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.txt //XEdit.txt: [Desktop Entry] Name=XEdit Exec=wine /home/<USER>/.steam/steamapps/common/<GAME>/<GAME>.exe -I:/home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/<GAME>.ini Type=Application Categories=Wine; 2. Copy the file to create the .desktop application. cp /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.txt /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.desktop sudo chmod a+x /home/<USER>/Downloads/XEdit/XEdit.desktop 3. Launch the application by double clicking the .desktop file. Everything should work if wine is installed properly, and if you replaced all the variables(<VARIABLE>) with the correct directories for your scenario If anyone is curious, google 'Smiley's Combat Realism Overhaul' for my mods ^_^
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