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    An hour later: "Hey you! You're finally awake." Yeah... I never should have crossed that border, just wanted to enjoy a long walk on that beach across the way. Online dating sucks.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I am definitely going to check them out!
  2. Still no luck on getting the game to not crash. One time, it froze instead of crashing, continued playing sounds but the screen wouldn't move despite any buttons being pressed (*other than Xbox Home which successfully quit the Skyrim app) so I assume this is not from lack of resources or something on the Xbox itself, but must be because of some faulty Mod compatibility or Load Order. Can someone help look deeper into these mods to help me get a functional list? I have also tried with Joy of Perspective all disabled and I updated the Mod List #1 to reflect my current mod load order (with disabled mods marked with Strikethrough) Thanks again!
  3. Well, that's what I do is ride a horse everywhere. It's more flexible, as you mentioned. Anyway, my game is running with the current Mod List Update 1 but it keeps randomly crashing. I've disabled both Girly Animations, Khajiit Speaks, and Open Cities. I'm about to test without Luminous Atronach's, as I've been told it often causes crashes. Do you have any other changes/suggestions?
  4. I want to add it, because being a Star Citizen player, I like realism and taking a realistic amount of time to move between places sounds great. But I am afraid I will not use the carriages often if its faster to just travel on foot or even on horseback. I guess that's my hesitation, but I am going to go through your list to see what other cool mods I'm missing. I updated my post with Mod List Update #1 - I will come back and edit again (and post) if it's working or if anything is broken. Finger's crossed! Then I get to consider replacing some of my mods with any cool ones I see in your own list or any other suggestions people give me
  5. Xbox One Mod List from Hell Hey, you! You're finally awake. I need your help with this mod list, I'm open to any suggestions to add or remove mods, but I mainly need help with the load order. If you can help me even with a few basic changes, I can update the list below (Marked as the 2nd spoiler on this post) and slowly make the necessary adjustments to finally get this thing to a working, (Completed) status. We can work together to solve it, if you're willing to, and the information left here will help others with a comprehensive mod list of their own! Boring details below - Just further explanation of what I've been doing to fix the list and where I am with it now. Full Mod List Below - As I get suggestions, I'll edit the list to add the new updated load order below the Original Mod List, to reflect what load order I am currently using. This way, you can immediately know what load order I am using by expanding the spoiler that is on the bottom of the page (new load orders are posted at the bottom of this original post) Mod List Tags: The tag (Non-Functional) shows the list in the spoiler is crashing with it's current order. When it isn't crashing anymore, it will say (Functional). And when it's fully working and no mods are breaking in-game, it will say (Complete). Original Mod List (Non-functional): non-ordered list of mods I originally have been working with. Mod List Update #2 (Semi-Functional) - Working but occasional random crashes/freezing - Correction offered by Discord user Temple#4297 Final remarks: Some explanation of potential ways we can use this list to help more people than just myself, because we all need help at times. If you read this far, I appreciate your time looking at my post and considering helping out! If you can help, I more than appreciate it. If you can't help or would rather not help, I don't fault you because it takes time and effort, and I am not owed anything from anyone! But I do count on humanity to generally be giving and forgiving, because I choose to be giving and forgiving in my own life. I hope you all have a good day, regardless of anything else, and I thank you for your time! Regards, MrBaconHawk
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