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  1. The steam seems didn't auto update properly, which I thought my game should be always up to date LOL. After some tweaking on steam, and it works again. Traped there for a long while, thanks!
  2. New to install the patch, experiencing a 50% chance crash when picking up legendary items from corpses which has never happened before. The story line is just stated, and I'm on the way to hunting down Kellogg. Problem solved if I disable the patch and load to an old save, but that's not really a "solution" , for I really would like to use the patch to eliminate some annoying bugs. I knew this seems not new after some research online, many of the post pointed put that AWKCR is the issue, but I didn't use that mod, or any kind of mod that alter the item keyword or drop list. The only thing I have that could cause the conflict is that I increased the legendary enemy spawning chance to a very high level via CK, which did work perfectly without problems. I attach the custom mini mod below. it seems the crash is related to "Featured Item" and the sounds when the inspect menu pop-up. I tried a mod that disable the inspect menu, that stop the crash, but losing inspect menu really breaks the " legendary feeling" or the specialness of legendary items. Any alternative solution/suggestion except remove the inspect menu? update 1: the crash actually 100% happens if you inspect any legendary armor, even it's already in your inventory. And the mod that removes the inspect menu didn't really work. update 2: tried to unload mods one by one to find out the cause, turns out that the unofficial patch is actually the cause. The crash will only gone if I deactivate the unofficial patch. update 3: the crash seems only apply to synth/combat legendary armors. update 4: the crash is still there even if I deactivate all mods with only the unofficial patch. update 5: based on my 3000 hour of skyrim (with unofficial patch of course) , 2000 hour fallout 4 (used to play the base game and building stuff), 4 hours of struggle on such crashing problem and doing all the research online (surprisingly there is no real solution even many similar posts can be found through last 2 years. Something wrong with scripts of inspection menu of legendary items, and probolly involved some wrong keyword checking or function calling, it might not be caused by the unofficial patch, but at least some alteration that the patch did trigger the crash. More Ledengary Enemy.esp
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