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  1. Version 1.0.0


    oblivion Class and Birthsign RIvised created by emrio This mod improves the skill structure of Oblivion's default class to make it easier to handle, and improves the birth sign to add new magic and abilities! The classic class may be considered plain, but it will have a description and a picture in the status, so let's improve its skill structure and make it more powerful. That's our production goal! I think Pilgrim can use recovery magic in Morrowind, but not in Oblivion. Warrior is indeed a warrior, but it is too specialized in melee, and it is not good in some situations if you can't use a bow or something like that. I am a bit of a hobbyist, but if you want to try it, go for it. The class description is based on Morrowind. The birthsign adds more magic and status effects to the vanilla magic and status effects. I've added magic and effects that are as close as possible to the original image of the constellation, so please check them out as well! Classes to be changed Pilgrim New Skill Structure Blunt, Light Armor, Block, Armorer, Restoration, Destruction, Mercantile Warrior New Skill Structure Blade, Marksman, Block, Heavy Armor, Restoration, Alteration, Armorer Birth Sign Lady sign Lady Charm (Power) Spell Level Illusion Novice Spell Cost 179 Charm 50 point Duration 60 Range Touch Lady Grace (Lesser Power) Spell Level Illusion Novice Spell Cost 125 Calm 100 point 10 Area Duration 60 Range Touch Lady Blessing (Lesser Power) Spell Level Restoration Novice Spell Cost 240 Resist Disease 15 Duration 60 Resist Paralysis 15 Duration 60 Range Self Warrior Sign Hard brow (Lesser Power) Destruction Novice SpellCost 0 Weakness to Normal Weapons 35 Duration 60 Touch Damage Health 60 Duration 1 Touch Damage Fatigue 120 Self Paralyze Duration 1 Touch Bear Crush (Power) Destruction Novice SpellCost 0 Disintegrate Armor 35 Duration 5 Touch Disintegrate Weapon 35 Duration 5 Touch Damage Fatigue 100 Self War load (Lesser Power) Restoration Novice SpellCost 125 Shield 15 Duration 60 Self Fortify Blade 15 Duration 60 Self Fortify Blunt 15 Duration 60 Self The introductory image was very difficult to see, and the agent's skill structure was quickly updated and upgraded. I apologize for the unflattering introduction image.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Enhanced Magic ver1.0 created by emrio This mod improves the too weak Oblivion vanilla magic. It is made for your own environment, so no balance is taken into account. However, if you are playing as a mage and cannot damage enemies at all, or if you have magic with questionable effects. It will be very useful for those who have difficulties in such cases. The main improvements are as follows Flame magic makes undetected enemies flee with flame damage Cold magic damages enemy fatigues along with cold damage Electric magic damages enemy magicka with electric damage Healing magic restores health and stamina. Damage spells are now more effective Stamina Restoration magic will enhance health and stamina for a certain amount of time. Resistance-breaking spells are enhanced in effect and duration. Weapon and Armor spells have increased effect. Currently only destruction and recovery are improved. We may update it in the future.
  3. Version 1.2.0


    This mod adds immortality to all horses in Oblivion and removes the maximum level cap! The level will be the same as the main character, with a maximum level of 53 (vanilla maximum level). Now you won't have to fight with your enemies and get revenge on them
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The White Stallion Lodge, which is little more than a shack, will be transformed into a mansion fit for a knight. Currently, there is one maid in the mansion. However, functions such as cooking have not yet been implemented. There are bedrooms on the first and second floors, and storage space is available. It's an upper class house in Leyawin that has been made a little more luxurious. (Courtesy about the I'm updating this page as I play, so I may update again when I feel like it! PS: Naturally, this will conflict with other mods that renovate the White Stallion Lodge. Beware. Further Post I'm Japanese, so my English is like machine translation, but I manage to do it with deepl translation. My English is almost zero on the TOEIC. Or our English test is so doubtful that we are at the bottom of the class. I mean, I never got a perfect score on an English test when I was a student. I'm a barbarian as far as I'm concerned.
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