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  1. Version 1.0.0


    ILIANA'S IMPERIAL CITY MODS This is a collection of small mods which I made for own game. I'll add some more later. 1. Imperial City East Bridge -- a second matching bridge for the Imperial city with a gate to the Arena district. Enhanced version includes Imperial watch guards, lamps, signpost. 2. My Talos Plaza House -- buy Agarmir's house after completing the "Unfriendly Competition" quest (player version has safe storage, etc.). 3. My Talos Plaza Manor - buy Imbel Manor (Jakben Imbel's house) after completing the "Boots of Springheel Jak" quest (player version has safe storag
  2. 1162 downloads

    ELSWEYR ANEQUINA (ALTERNATE VERSION) & VALENWOOD IMPROVED PATCH by Iliana This file contains an alternate version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp (version Mar 2014) with a ElsweyrValenwoodImprovedPatch.esp.They build and patch the border between the two province mods to create a smooth transition. As the patch requires the specially modified version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp provided, it will only work with the Mar 2014 version of the mod. REQUIREMENTS The following two mods are required: Elsweyr Anequina (Mar 2014) (only compatible with this version) Valenwood Imp
  3. Version V2


    ELSWEYR'S CITY OF RIMMEN by Iliana, Mr Siika & Auryga A playable border city in the Tamriel worldspace. Version May 2019 (Originally included in the March 2014 version of the Elsweyr Anequina mod) WARNING: Do not install this mod together with the Elsweyr Anequina mod. The city of Rimmen is already included in that mod. =================================================== The city of Rimmen is an Elsweyr border town located in the hills north-west of Leyawiin. I sliced this city out of my larger Elsweyr Anequina mod for those who want a small preview of the Elswey
  4. 6350 downloads

    ELSWEYR THE DESERTS OF ANEQUINA by Iliana An across-the-border expansion. Version March 2014 =================================================== High beyond the hills of the Niben lies the great desert plateau of central Elsweyr. From sandy desert wastes to rocky, red badlands, from grassy savannah to jungle coast, the lands of Anequina beckon. This new region, spanning the section of Elsweyr between Skingrad and Leyawiin, includes four new landscapes (desert to jungle), five new towns, several villages, Khajiit sub-races, a couple dozen quests, four player homes and a monst
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