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  1. I looked a few years back to find old games that I was fairly sure were abandoned. But as it turns out, there were a lot fewer than I thought and they were several decades old. Lot of pretty decent free games out there though with no strings attached (Patreon support and the like), but you gotta dig for em. Usually someone just learning how to do things with Unity or Unreal and looking to get a following.
  2. Mark Jones and Julian Lefay..... *sigh*
  3. Kind of agree with you. Also I think a lot may have gotten burned out and "retired" for an indeterminate time.
  4. Granted that there are a lot of shit mods out there. But do you think the overall talent level of modders now isn't what it used to be?
  5. Definitely looking forward to this game. But my big question is if Larian will release any kind of mod kit for it. They have in the past and have alluded that they might when talking about this. Hmm... found this: "Developer Larian Studios has always been pro-modding, and says that Baldurs' Gate 3 will have mod support upon full release, just like its previous game Divinity Original Sin. out and about, covering everything from cosmetic tweaks, to balance changes, to new content such as spells and items."- Wargamer.com Spells and items sounds great, but what about a more robust editor to possibly build new characters, quests and areas like we can do with Beth games? Really see what this engine is capable of.
  6. Agree. So long as they keep working with the modding community they created, I'll be satisfied. But both Beth and the community should remember that mods don't transform a subpar game into a good one. They customize and enhance something that was already pretty good- like Skyrim.
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