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  1. Actually, Ultima 8 was where everything started going to sh8te. That was right about when Garriott was forced to sell his soul to the Exceptional As$h@ts. Everything in the game franchise took a dark turn for the worse. It was obvious from gameplay (TON of game breaking bugs) to game mechanics. Will never forget how that stiff, bandy legged Avatar gave you a headache. With its Super Mario Bros bouncing, jumping-can't-walk-must-sprint-everywhere arcadey run style. Despite my increasing disillusionment, I stuck it out and tried to finish the game. Got to point where I just needed to complete the 4th artifact quest to master the Pyros/sorcerer Titan in order enter the Ethereal plane. That was the moment I experienced my first glacial hatred of the Exceptional As$h@ts as an evil entity. #NeverHappenedLol said Murphy's Law. Got hit with a game breaking bug that locked up my Amstrad PC. No amount of calling EA's customer support helped. And unlike in previous Ultimas (especially Black Gate/Serpent Isle) I was shocked to find that CS was completely UNWILLING to send me a patch disk! That was when I first became aware something was seriously amiss. Not realizing I was witnessing the start of the Ultima franchise being cannibalized. By the time Ascension was released, I bought it for the box art and sadly never played it. Was too disillusioned to bother playing the game. This pushed me to eagerly embrace the dysfunctional distraction of UO. But once again, Murphy's Law returned from vacation. And I swear it directed every PKer in Quake to take up residence in UO. The PvE care bear nature of the game changed forever. So that historic event where Lord British was assassinated was something of an anti climax for me. I decided I'd had enough shenanigans of the UO fanbase that had gone irreversibly feral. Wandered a couple years in Final Fantasy and never really got hooked. It just wasn't the same experience. I'd just about given up on the RPG fantasy genre when I stumbled across an intriguing title called TES I: Arena. By a nondescript company called Bethesda, which thankfully was NOT owned by the Exceptional As$H@ts. And the rest is history.... Since Ultima 8, it literally took me a decade to realize Ultima's acquisition was the start of a hostile monopoly campaign by Hawking aka the Indie AntiChrist. His unethical, Borg-esque conquests destroyed the Indie dev industry. And sadly, this still serves as the base model which AAA As$H@T CEOs the likes of Riccitiello and pubs the likes of As$H@TVision still utilize to date. And because of this unethical business acquisition model, innovative devs like Bullfrog, Westwood, Playfish, Visceral etc. were cannibalized and followed UO to their graves. Sadly, for the more popular devs franchises (the likes of Maxis/Sims Studios, Bioware and Mythic) it literally took 3 decades for them to become transformed into the soulless husks they've degenerated to date. Macro transactions and MVP releases finished them off. RIP Maxis. RIP BiowareMythic
  2. Oh wow! Good to know I'm not the only one who remembers what a 5.25 floppy looks like Not to mention you typically got a COMPLETE and professional gaming manual from the dev/publisher. Which doubled as decor artwork when not in use while you're playing the game. Not hard to see why the Seaside Library and Books in Skyrim were always at the top of my mod deck Yes, I'm that hyper immersive bookworm player in Skyrim/Fallout. Who'll literally read all lore/information literature (base game and player added) that I run across. As my PC is emoting reading while sitting in his hot tub/hot springs in wilderness somewhere. So I really miss the reading aspect most of all, because I feel that as Moore's Power Law advances the Tech curve, the younger gen/newer RPG player base lose perspective of why lore is so important in RPG titles. They become more focused on superficial features like graphical fidelity, voiced PCs, loot/shoot em up action game play. Guess I'm too old fashioned lol Anyways, back in day when Garriot's Ultima series reigned supreme in RPG industry, that was the golden age of PC gaming. Before the cancer that was Prima Guides took over the industry. Game manual quality started to go to crap then. It was pretty much dead by the time YT and other social media/fan blogsites made the web the standard publishing medium.
  3. Yes. That gives me hope. Especially given NMS which has grown to a team of 26? or so devs. Yet this tiny Indie dev studio still managed to crap out another brick that takes MMO/single player game play to next level with latest frigate update. Empyrion Galactic also pushed out another significant game update shortly after the reveal. It seems Todd DID manage to ignite a much needed volcano under the space dev derriere's in the industry. Wonder if it's enough to push CI +/- G into releasing SQ42 before Dec 31st 2077 next....
  4. Well thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Had no idea Bethesda's team was so small! (or is that normal for a AAA dev?) Regardless, given that dev size, it looks like SC SQ42 dreams.txt is 1000% doomed then
  5. Because you're a crotchety old lizard who everyone with a mod deck autonomously gives OG respect? And more specifically, because my PC reveres his builder i.e. namely because: USSEP Alt Start-LAL Cutting Room Floor Oakwood/Granite Hill/Falkreath etc. etc. So according to you and the new Bethesda Game Release Cycle: 1. Don't pre order 2. Wait for game to be patched day 1 3. Wait for modders Arthmoor to patch it better 4. Wait for modders Arthmoor s to improve visuals and QoL 5. Wait for all DLC to be released 6. Wait for modders Arthmoor to patch DLC 7. Wait for GOTY/Complete/Definitive Edition release 8. Wait for modders Arthmoor to patch GOTY/Complete/Definitive Edition 9: Wait for modders Arthmoor to add further improvements to visuals and QoL 10. Buy GOTY/Complete/Definitive Edition at discount and enjoy?!? O. K.......
  6. Just like an abused spouse, I keep coming back. But the double whammy TKO of F76 & FO4 were my tipping point. I was 99% done with Howard and Bethesda. But then F76 began a painfully slow road to recovery. My heavily modded Skyrim & Enderal sustained me. The New California & London mods kept my passion for Fallout alive. Then we got Howard's 1E+06 version of Skyrim aka the AE edition Which -- I bought because abused spouse syndrome. Because its inferior modded content did absolutely nothing to replace my existing mod deck. Regardless, I began my slow road from Howard's collateral damage and inflicted emotional abuse. My scarred psyche began to heal as I began to live again. Then Starfield reveal happened a month ago. Which immediately resulted in my psyche being gaslight like this.... ...And the circle of emotional insanity began yet again. Starfield began to instill a cautious optimism that has built up into genuine hope over this past month. And just when I thought I'd recovered from the PTSD seal clubbing Howard inflicted with FO4 & F76, this (excellently published) analysis of Starfield by 21Kiloton popped up in my YT feed Then @41:10 paranoid reality came roaring back.... ...After the Artic seawater got dumped on my head. From seeing the close up shot of THAT FACE which has haunted my nightmares. That is the same poker face of Mr. 16-times-the-detail abuser I was traumatized by for half a decade. He didn't even bother changing his jacket from last time! Or matching shoes..... O.x Right after that: @42:55 21Kiloton points out the XP gain feature at the screen center. He claims these are PLACEHOLDER XP. Which means Bethesda hasn't even begun work on the level scale grind and character progression scaling. This would support a reason why Howard moved the release date to next year. It's not to give the game final polish and performance tweaking. So it would seem the game is still in a post alpha but pre beta testing state?? TL;DR Is 21Kiloton's sarcastic dig about the XP gain true? Could Bethesda really be that far behind in terms of developing the actual game? Basically based on what this cynical YTer said, is it really possible this was a skillfully compiled demo consisting of cobbled together bits gameplay from the game? Pleaseeeee tell me the XBX reveal wasn't a working clone of a Star Citizen flawless marketing vid. Which sole purpose is designed to reel & sucker new fan bois in....... /end of paranoid reflection essay>
  7. But he's right though. That XP text is utterly unnecessary and really FUBARs your central view. Really hope this is toggable option. Jeez Beth.
  8. God I love Gopher. His latest no BS, shoot from the hip is feedback Beth really needs to consider. As an immersion/realism gamer, seeing XP pop up anywhere on the screen is very distracting and immersion breaking. I've resignedly come to expect this dysfunction from Bethesda. But the fact they made a POINT to troll my visual cortex by putting the XP gain notification-- DIRECT FRONT AND CENTER OF THE HUD -- is already giving me eye cancer. ... I'm relieved I'm not the only fan boi being trolled by this. Like Gopher said, obliterating this feature will be the first mod in my deck. Kudos to him calling this apocrypha on Beth's part at 4:30
  9. ....or, perhaps couple other theories from experience playing Elite Dangerous, NMS, X4, Empyrion Galactic Survival and Space Engineers 1. the NMS inspired scanner needed to be upgraded (the way it needs to be via SE/EGS/ED by the PC to detect said life forms? Or 2. planet surveying is more like Elite Dangerous and/or Empyrion Galactic? Where you can do different levels of scanning from space on your ship. Base level scanning upon entering a star system only picks up the most base features (i.e. number planets, stars and perhaps notable planetary features like gas giant cloud chemical types, ice/metallic cores etc.). So the PC must complete a ship scanner sensor mini game to completely scan the planet. However this requires upgrading the ship scanner system to highest level first. Latest update with Odyssey (and integration of space legs) now requires PC to collect biological flora specimen samples on foot. Or 3. complete planetary surveying needs to be completed on space legs as with NMS/ED/SE. So prior survey data of the planet had base and incorrect date. And required the PC to fully explore & survey the moon with space legs? After which the data might update itself (perhaps after taking out those pirates) Howard lost me as a devout fanboy after his 1-2 consecutive TKOs with FO4 and F76. It's going to take a long, long, LONG time before I ever personally trust Mr. Sixteen-times-the-detail ever again. Sadly by the time Shirly Curry gets her wish for TES 6 ---assuming if Starfield ends up doing well. But having said that, it seems he proactively opted to take this first step to redemption. When in the recent phone interview corrected his claim that "You can land anywhere on planets". I really appreciate him clarifying his earlier misinformation the PC could land their ships anywhere planet side. That we will only be landing/taking off via scripted cutscenes and the space and planet side elements being mutually exclusive. That makes for a more seamless performance in both game play segments IMO. I may still be wrong about this though. Perhaps you CAN land your ship anywhere planet side. But this is going to be a blind act of faith as you transition from the orbit to planet side via the scripted loading screen. So process is as simple as you arbitrarily picking a point on the surface. Then engaging controls/pressing the button/key to initiate the scripted landing sequence. Not going to lie, The prospect of having executed that landing sequence in my highly customized, $$$$ upgraded USS Enterprise designed capital flagship. Engaging that iconic ramp animation to give Vasco a well deserved walk. Only to find your entire $$$$ capital flagship is now sinking to the bottom of Davy Jones Locker because it's trapped in the quagmire of a liquid metal ocean. Which your ship scanners successfully trolled you on being a safe surface to land on from space. Now you're sinking faster than a chicken with the Titanic tied to it's drumstick.... That would make exploration a must do sandbox activity, because this would make for some very intriguing and unpredictable gameplay. As to the game engine, I pray Howard wasn't deluded enough to go Chris Roberts route with Lumberyard. While improbable, it certainly isn't implausible. Where single player space themed games are concerned, Murphy's Law and Lady Fortuna have an exotic appetite for Bacchanal fueled menagerie a trois with Bad Karma. Their oldest red head satyr stepchild to date is the official industry meme for what not to do in project software development. You could literally teach an entire semester of best software development practices based on Star Citizen alone. So just hoping this was a genuine delay to complete/polish the game. And not driven by overly ambitious dreams.txt movie cutscenes and shiny ship .jpgs that SC has become so infamously re-known for...
  10. Wait what??? What do you mean opt out? Are you saying by d/l the AE upgrade, Steam dumps ALL the CC into your game folder? i.e. leaving you to toggle which CC to use? Instead of allowing you to cherry pick which ones to d/l? Oh lord. It's going to dump everything straight into the base game folder. Just like it did the other base game DLC. When all my nexus mods are in the MO2 folder. Giving me a hot mess to waddle around in right out the damned gate. This is really going to suck. I thought this would be similar to HF/DG/DB where you had the option to enable which of these DLC you wanted to install BEFORE d/l (again using Steam platform). Looks like they changed that. Great. So I get to add being a virtual garbage man to my list of additional curation duties cleaning up my game folder. SMH
  11. HUGE THANK YOU to both of you. Will D/L and be exclusively testing that SSE Engine Fixes mod for a while. Also relieved the CC mod pack form AE consists of individual mods instead of a merged compilation. Given this modular setup, then it's just a matter of enabling the specific AE CC mod(s) I want. Then after playing through the DLC, delete all associated saves and use Wrye to indicate when I've reached the first save game without the CC content baked into it.
  12. Based on the explanation/discussion of AE here: I'm uncertain how game performance will be affected by the new DLC mod scripts you download in AE. My Village Idiot n00b understanding of game engine script limits: The more script intensive mods included in the vanilla base game, the less capacity exists for 3rd party (translation Nexus based) script mods. If this hypothesis is false then please correct me. Since the following wall of text is based on this assumption. I haven't yet downloaded any CC content in AE from Steam as yet. I only have the 4 free mods that came with AE update. I'm starting a brand new game with no saves to simplify any issues. However while researching gamer feedback on Steam/Nexus, it appears Steam users like me are still encountering mod deck issues. Even after starting a new game. Per Arthmoor's post above, AE is just a super sized DLC like HF/DB/DG on steroids. However, if you decided NOT to rollback with the SSE patch to play your original SSE game AND bought the AE version, then ppl are reporting many issues. I've some questions as a Steam user Us Steam users need to voluntarily login to CC and download the additional mod content in AE. If you DON'T do this, then you only get the 4 free DLC to show up in the game. This is good news if you don't care for any of the CC added content in AE. But if say, you only wanted a couple CC mods from AE, then you need to voluntarily download ALL of the CC mod suite. Which will overwrite any changes existing Nexusmod content made to the game in your mod deck. To fix this, you'd need to first update the game with all AE mod content. Then d/l the newly updated versions of your Nexusmod mods. This should allow the game to run (with whatever known game engine bugs USEP cannot fix). HOWEVER, it seems there are many Steam users (who play on PC as well as console) who've reported CTD on PC platform, even after installing the latest versions of their mods/patches in their load order to date on PC. After reviewing the "improved" DLC that comes with AE, I've come to the conclusion some 95% of this CC, is undesirable and superfluous content that adds zero value to my pre AE game. And is also inferior to all existing mod quality content I've been tweaking to working perfection over the past decade. There are only a couple of CC mods I want to add to my existing updated mod deck. But before doing this, I'm concerned about the extra content we got with the AE update patch. Basically, my pre AE load order had already exceeded the max limit at some 325+ mods. The hard mod limit was exceeded by combo of a lot of texture mods and some very simple script mods (over 90% food/recipe based mods). Which was made possible from me getting lucky using tools like TESVEdit and MO2 to compact mod content into a smaller number of plugins and/or by creating patches. However, Even if I restrict the new AE content to using only the 4 free DLC that come with the base game, the newly updated mod content still poses a potential problem with my existing & updated load order. Q1. How does the additional scripting that comes with the 4 new free DLC in the base game (specifically the new fishing mini game questline, Curios game mechanic, and Survival mode) affect my original (but updated) mod deck that was already at the hard limit? Since I have the following existing and heavily scripted mod content which already modifies the same record assets in the base game? My biggest concern is with the heavily scripted, DLC sized nexus mod plugins in my existing load order. Which have a global scope in my pre AE mod deck. The top DLC sized Nexus mods of concern are: Chesko's Frostfall/Campfire: How does scripting in the new Survival mode affect this if you need to have it enabled? Or is this base game feature optional so you can disable it so it doesn't conflict with Chesko's mod suite? Beyond Burma - basically all Bruma and 3rd party DLC plugins associated with this global world space mod LOTD Museum mod -- has a HUGE global functional game play impact. By default of being a compilation of TONS of smaller (and officially integrated) mods like Moonpath to Elsyweyr etc. Specifically because it is impacted by new AE DLC like Curios. And also because best game play performance cannot be achieved without the support of immersive Nexus mods like LAL Wet and Cold, CoT, Volumetric Fog, and Vivid Weathers - How does the new Survival mode affect scripting in these environmental mods? Do the scrips that come with the new updated AE weather system improve/tweak existing SSE weather script content? Or is it an ADDITIONAL amount of scripting? If additional scripting, then is there a workaround to reducing this added quantity of scripts? I'm concerned pushing the game engine script limit will adversely affect already existing scripts like Isoku's Wet and Cold mod. This mod has extensive integration with Chesko's Frostfall and other popular weather content mods like iNeed, Wyrmstooh, Beyond Bruma etc etc. Trade and Barter. This was one of the best Skyrim economy trade mods ported to SSE. Given the nature of the economic scope for this pre AE mod, it shouldn't present much problems with post AE addition of Curios in terms of scripts. However, the last update by mod author was back in Feb 2019. It was left to the player base to update this mod since being abandoned to the Bot Curator. I tinkered with this mod using combo TESVEdit & CE to get it working with my pre AE deck. But now its post AE functionality has been adversely impacted (as verified by recent player comments on mod page). So there's a 99.999% odds this mod has not been updated to accommodate the additional Curio DLC content. Which means the Skyrim economy will be adversely affected as a result. If additional scripting on my end (on top of the newly added Curio DLC scripts) is necessary to fix this mod, is there a workaround to increase the game engine's scripting capacity? Seeing that my mod deck is at the game engine's mod scripting limit? Q2. How does the additional paid for CC content affect the game engine's scripting limits? Complaints about CTD/game performance are being reported due to added CC DLC. This is from players who don't have mods and updated their game. Yet are still experiencing CTD from this added scripting content? A lot of CC DLC consist of new weapons and armor. Apart from the added quest script content, this new texture content would've been fine. Except it potentially impacts global texture mods in my load order like: Immersive Armors/Weapons: Apparently Hothtrooper44 created/endorsed a IA patch that fixes all the omissions Bethesda failed to include for new armors/weapons added to the base game. So the new content will be compatible with his existing content. But I couldn't find any feedback on whether this new IA patch will recognize/be compatible with Frostfall/Campfire? Because it is a separate esp from the unofficial Campfire/Frostfall patch. And yet ANOTHER additional plugin in my load order has to accommodate (if this is even possible using MO2) TL DR: My concern is after all the time expended in installing/updating my deck, that I'm STILL going to be unable to play. Because base game AE (with only those 4 free mods) will add scripts that will exceed the capacity of the game engine. So I'm basically wasting my time and need to roll back to the backed up non AE version of the game. :\ Any insights on this would be much appreciated. Thanks for surviving this wall of text. I'm neurotic by nature, and so typically suffer from literary diarrhea when placed under emotional TES duress.
  13. My theory is they're doing it to facilitate the process for the (vastly superior in number) console fan base. That's where they've been making their tens of multimillions in profit to date. Milking this iteration of the TES franchise bone dry. And again from gifting Zenimax all rights to steal legally reuse and/or repurpose world assess for their true cash cow ESO. Virtually ALL of the "new" ESO DLC chapters have been pulled straight out of Skyrim game world. YES ELSWEYR AND GREYMOOR. I'M LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU. Especially Solitude, which still retains 100% of it's 4E architectural design and layout despite being in the Interregnum. And to lesser degrees assets directly redesigned from Oblivion and Morrowind, with the Morrowind and current Blackwood chapters. IMO for every PCMR, there is at least 100 console gamers all starving for CC content. Even with the free mod downloads on Bugthesda for the last decade, odds were the mod performance on console systems created potential optimization issues. But this seems to have been addressed with AE. And now that Bugthesda is officially M$ new golden Goose, they're obligated to provide a good gaming experience for console gamers. Which is actually a good thing they've done to date IMO. Well at least for Xbox gamer segment given obvious corporate and legal reasons.
  14. Thanks to the 130 mods that are coming with AE As much as the new free 4 mods are a welcome update, the survival and fishing updates have left me ROYALLY SCREWED. Howard has decided to punish me for daring to enjoy these immersion record breaking mods in my game for the last 10 years: Frostfall/Campfire Art of the Catch Immersive Armor & Weapons (basically all of Hothtrooper's weapon & armor mods) environmental overhauls like SFO and Cathedral Weathers The classic mod deck size limitation that was such a massive headache on LE. Even with MO2, it still remains that way with SE to date. Potentially new critters which are going to likelyt create issues with critter overhaul mods like Hunterborn and RWS. Made even worse because these authors are no longer personally updating the mods. Will these legacy mods get whatever conflicting game mechanic features exist with the new CC resolved at Nexus? Especially now that they're being included in the new collection format? Super sized mods like Beyond Bruma and Legend of the Dragonborn Museum (possibly the biggest quest world scope mod next to Beyond Bruma). Given the massive scope compilation of LOTD alone in aggregating smaller mods. All of these DLC sized mods from SE are most likely going to become a big issue with the Seducers update. Simply due to the sheer volume of scripts alone in LOTD, never mind Beyond Bruma. Or immense world spaces like Falskaar, Winterhold Destruction ruins, and Moonpath to Elsweyr. List is too long. Honestly. It took me TEN YEARS to get all those mods and their insane scripting load working without CTD constantly. First with LE and again with SE. Only to get TKO'd by the 130 CC bloat Howard decided to bake into the base game. If I were any more paranoid, I'd swear Howard was being a spiteful ******* to the PC fanbase. Ah well. Back to good ole CTD days of gazing at my desktop. Because it's as though the upgrade to SE never happened. Howard's 10 year, wonky, buggy, duck taped up Frankenstein of a game engine can only run so many 3rd party mods. All thanks to the inclusion of many CC mods in the base game now. Will LAL even work now given all this script bloat in the base game? And then all the potential texture upgrades. Possibly on all the SHD textures which I've added over the last decade (retexturing the world from the clouds/stars in the sky, to the roads/grass, to the water/ocean/rivers/streams, to the buildings, to NPC textures, to world objects etc) in fine tuning my SE game. And I'm having increasing dreadful feeling that my SE based HD texture world overhauls (likes of SFO, SIMM, WATER2 etc. and other functional environmental mods the likes of Minty's weather mods, critter overhauls like Bugs 101, AFB etc) are still far SUPERIOR to the textures coming with AE HTH is all this CC going to impact the 256 mod deck constraint when adding Nexus mod collections?
  15. thanks for the quick follow up. But I still didn't get the most important answer: My current SKSE .dll version is skse64_1_5_80.dll and the sks364_loader.exe has not been updated since 6/13/19 If I did what you suggested (isolate my game but tried to install the latest version of Nexus mods), I'd still need to upgrade my older version of SE right? In other words, is my 6/2019 ver of skse64: 1. capable of launching the latest game update Steam is trying to patch my game files with (since this update is still pre AE version) and 2. capable of running current mods on Nexus without having to update it? Which I suspect per Murphy's Law, have been likely updated on Nexus to be supported by whatever version skse64 currently is to date Sorry for being so thick. I've been away from TES for 2 years per that skse64 executable date stamp
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