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  1. I'm having a hard time finding any help on how/what changes were made from TES5Edit. I proceedure I used no longer appears to work with SSEEdit. Did a google search for strings like "how to make compatibility patch in SSEEdit" etc. But the youtube videos weren't helpful in resolving my issue. In past, used to load the mods I wanted to create the compatibility patch with. Used the override (no overwrite) feature to copy into a new blank esp. Whenever I did this in past, the records for both mods were copied into the compatibility patch. Then I could adjust the patch with whatever changes (e.g. keywords etc) necessary, save/exit TES5Edit and play the game. I'm trying to make IMCN recognize the ingestibles from a custom food mod. In the past, I'd load up both IMCN and the custom food mod in TES5Edit. Create the blank compatibility esp with the override option. On doing this, both IMCN and the food mod's ingestible records were copied into the new compatibility patch. So I had 3 records in the right window (ie IMCN, the food mod and the IMCN-food mod patch). But now doing this with SSEEdit into a new plugin (not ESM, ESL etc flagged) only copies the custom food mod and not IMCN record? Sorry for being redundant. But it seems this process has changed with SSEEdit? Could someone please point me to whatever tutorials exist on here for creating compatibility patches in SSEEdit?

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