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  1. Brairheart warriors spawn their body missing and just their head. This happen when I downloaded ussep. I am sure the ussep mod this bug because I played playthrough without the ussep and the brair heart warrior we're spawning normal. Mod list USSEP H.A.S.T.E. Unleveled Items Essential Followers Patch TLS Crash Preventer PS4 Surreal Lighting Relighting Skyrim ELE light overhaul Luminosity lighting overhaul Let there be light Skyrim is windy Radiant quest marker Stones of barenziah quest markers Jiub's opus & arvak skull quest markers People use stairs Females don't use opposite gender animations Get out the way Recover cities-quick Nordic ruins of Skyrim TGC Rorikstead TGC Dawnstar Solstheim Reborn Jk's most of Skyrim Karthwasten Soljund's sinkhole Darkwater crossing Kynesgrove Better city entrance Lampost of skyrim Master the Summit Wooden bridges SE Hold border banners MA's combined Bridge mods MA' combined, road and border mods Whiterun road replacer Man those borders Juniper's dawnstar sanctuary My Jorrvaskr & skyforge Magical college of winter hold Modified city inns Modified Hjerim Nicer Castle Volkihar Anna's Vlindrel Hall TNF Honeyside TNF Whiterun Hearthfire cellar extension Proudspire Manor balcony re done Map Project Hippie Dense Grass Waves Insignificant object remover Increase blood amount Immersive leveling Dead body collision fix Big Helmet less combat perk Enhanced atronachs with levelled Summons Enhanced bound weapons Call your horse Resurrection Instant death spells Better Combat AI Better Horses Less aggressive animals Horses gone wild No respawn Beast form companions Multiple followers system True alternation armor visuals Various dragons Various Wild Re color project non glow Daedric armor Re color project frost dragon armor Re color project more golden dwarven armor Re color pack Re color freezing glass armor Padded fur amor Tailor's measure change npc outfit Varied guards and soliders Hold riders Get no more dead merchants You can pickpocket children Get overstock and rich merchant Star triple gold Useable ash spawn weapons Smithed equipment in loot & shops Loot able giant club Crafting recategorized Cheat mod The ring of god mode Dlc integration Visible map markers World map vibrant map Go away map clouds Immersive citizens Realistic conversations Fix restore vanilla settings

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