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  1. The only mention of the "A Night To Remember" quest (DA14) that I can find in this forum, refers to a much older version of the patch - in which all it does is move the enablement of Moira the Hagraven up to stage 100 from stage 10 of the quest? Things may even have changed since then. However... I ran into a problem which I think is related, that Ysolda won't take the ring back, and there is no dialogue option to even present her with it. I suspect this is because the quest has been moved on to a later stage: currently appears to be on stage 135. How this can happen, is by Persuading, Intimidating or simply paying 2000 gold to Ysolda, doing this skips the "wedding ring" stage of the quest. (Likewise the whole "Rorikstead Goat" stage can be skipped by going straight to Whiterun, or even to Morvunskar... this quest is a nightmare for order-of-operations if things are done out of order.) The trouble with this is, that you can BOTH talk to Ysolda to ask about your fiancee (unlocking Witchmist Grove) AND persuade / intimidate / pay her (learning about Morvunskar) in the same conversation. If you talk about the fiancee first, this (a) puts Witchmist Grove on the map, (b) sets the quest stage to 100 and (c) I believe, following the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, enables Moira (without the patch, she's enabled earlier anyway). BUT, if you then persuade / intimidate / pay her in the same conversation, Ysolda talks about Morvunskar at once, setting the quest stage to 135 before you ever went to Witchmist Grove: at which point she no longer wants, cares about, recognises or acknowledges that you have the ring - which is thus stuck in your inventory as a quest item (I assume this status is removed from it once Morvunskar is cleared.) If you persuade / intimidate / pay first, then Ysolda tells you about Morvunskar at once. The quest stage is set to 135 without ever being previously set to 100, and - as I have discovered - this means that Moira is never enabled in the game at all: not even if you then talk about your fiancee, which adds Witchmist Grove to the map. Using the console to type "player.moveto 1cb38" took me to Witchmist Grove, but there was no Moira, only a plain generic Hag: from which I deduced that Moira was "present but not enabled", tried the two commands "prid 1cb38" and "enable", which caused Moira to appear - and be non-hostile - but she had no dialogue, talking gave her nothing to say, and I had to attack her to get the ring. Witchmist Grove was marked as "cleared" after having done (a) this and (b) killing the normal generic Hag that had been there when I arrived: I am not sure whether both were necessary... She had the wedding ring, and picking it up gave me the Objective to take it back to Ysolda in Whiterun, a quest marker points to Ysolda, but she won't talk about the ring, and the quest stage is already set to 135. I cannot set the quest backwards with the "setstage" command, nor complete a bypassed objective with the "setobjective " nor complete what appears to be a "bypassed" objective, so I'm stuck with a quest item I can't drop or get rid of, and a quest marker pointing to Ysolda. I assume this will be cleared once I clear Morvunskar, as if I'd gone there and cleared it without ever returning the ring... And this will make the quest completable, technically, but still leave me with an incomplete Objective in the "completed" quest. I'd suggest a fix, as follows: (1) Moira should be enabled regardless of whether you persuade, intimidate or pay Ysolda, or do none of those things and talk to her about your "fiancee". (2) If you get the ring from her, Ysolda should recognise it and take it back regardless of the state of the Daedric quest, if it's possible to arrange for this, and mark the objective as completed.
  2. There are a couple of lumber mills that are a little anomalous when it comes to the question of whether you can cut your own lumber there. (1) Temba Wide-Arm's mill in Ivarstead. Normally if you can increase a lumber mill owner's disposition to 1, you can cut logs for free at the mill. (This is true of eight other mills - five of which can be achieved with the "Chop Wood" firewood quest, a sixth is achieved by investigating the vampires of Morthal for Thonnir's mill. The other two are listed below...) And you can chop wood for Temba. You can complete her other quest, for 10 bear pelts. You can even MARRY her. But even marrying her doesn't give you the ability to chop lumber at her mill. I understand she's not particularly rich, but at the very least you should be able to chop your own free lumber if you marry her... after all, given how rich the player gets, it ends all Temba's financial woes, and there's got to be some perks for marrying a sawmill owner, hasn't there? (Of course if you then take her away from the mill to lodge her in one of your own properties, she's no longer working the mill, and you lose the free lumber... Your choice.) The other two anomalies are the two mill owners whose mills you can technically cut your own lumber at, if you can raise their disposition, but there's no way to raise their disposition unless they are the target of a random quest... There really ought to be a non-random way of unlocking their mills. I have a couple of possible suggestions here: (2) Bolund, in Falkreath. Now, he's a Stormcloak partisan, very strongly so. Perhaps his disposition should increase to 1 if you talk to him after having given the Jagged Crown to Ulfric Stormcloak, and thus committed to the Stormcloak cause. If you chose the Imperial side, tough. Alternatively, maybe if you invest 500 gold with his brother Solaf in the shop, it should improve Bolund's disposition because you've done a favour for his brother. Perhaps even both options could be used. (3) Hjorunn, in Solitude Sawmill. Now you CAN increase his disposition by chopping wood and selling him firewood - but he doesn't handle the lumber operation, he leaves that to his employee, Kharag gro-Shurkul, and there's no way to improve Kharag's disposition. I'd suggest that it would be better to have Kharag be the one to buy the chopped wood, rather than Hjorunn, or to improve Kharag's disposition at the same time as his master's. Alternatively, make Kharag into a pro-Imperial partisan - Solitude is the centre of Imperial influence in Skyrim after all - and have him be willing to let you cut your own lumber if you've committed to the Imperial cause by finding the Jagged Crown and handing it to Tullius and Rikke. However there's no great narrative reason for this, so I'd go with the "happy boss, happy employee" option above instead.

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