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  1. It's never happened to me with Angrenor... but I have had Nilsine Shatter-Shield, and Niranye the high-elven merchant/Thieves-Guild fence, both die unexpectedly on me. In Nilsine's case, I found out right away because I got the inheritance letter, having become her "friend" after solving the Blood On The Ice murders: in Niranye's case, I didn't realise until I went to sell something to her, found her not there, then went to her home and found her not there either. In both cases, when I did used the following console commands "tcl" and "player.moveto" to their refID, I discovered their body
  2. I think that's a bad change, because I assume that an artifact-level item such as the Ebony Blade was *intended* to be superior to other weapons of its type. Can this change, if it was indeed made, please be reverted? A "patch" should be for fixing egregious bugs and inconsistencies, but should also consider whether there are possible narrative reasons for there BEING such an inconsistency in the first place. In this case I believe the narrative reasons to be good, and therefore the inconsistency (the Ebony Blade's superior speed) should remain as originally released, rather than be changed
  3. Long shot here, but is the quest in Solitude from Evette San still active, where she needs you to persuade Vitoria Vici to unblock a spice shipment for her spiced wine? Vitoria needs to be alive for that quest?
  4. A minor inconsistency, present in the original game and never changed by any version of Unofficial Skyrim Patch: Blades Sword requires Steel Ingot to temper, and benefits from Steel Smithing perk. The five pieces of Blades Armor (armor, boots, helmet, gauntlets, shield) all require Steel Ingot to temper, but do not benefit from any perk. Since you were willing to change things for the sake of consistency by reducing the strength of the armor (from ebony-equivalent to dwarven-equivalent) because all the other pieces were dwarven-equivalent in strength, perhaps a little look from the "c
  5. The only mention of the "A Night To Remember" quest (DA14) that I can find in this forum, refers to a much older version of the patch - in which all it does is move the enablement of Moira the Hagraven up to stage 100 from stage 10 of the quest? Things may even have changed since then. However... I ran into a problem which I think is related, that Ysolda won't take the ring back, and there is no dialogue option to even present her with it. I suspect this is because the quest has been moved on to a later stage: currently appears to be on stage 135. How this can happen, is by Persuading
  6. There are a couple of lumber mills that are a little anomalous when it comes to the question of whether you can cut your own lumber there. (1) Temba Wide-Arm's mill in Ivarstead. Normally if you can increase a lumber mill owner's disposition to 1, you can cut logs for free at the mill. (This is true of eight other mills - five of which can be achieved with the "Chop Wood" firewood quest, a sixth is achieved by investigating the vampires of Morthal for Thonnir's mill. The other two are listed below...) And you can chop wood for Temba. You can complete her other quest, for 10 bear pelts. You
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