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  1. Yeah I gave up in the end. Another user/modder created a gobo (an overlay) for the omnidirectional light to make it tighter. It doesn't cast shadows but it's better than the vanilla light. Can't seem to find it now though.
  2. Hi AFK. I'm trying to mod a mod. I've got the Pip-Boy Flashlight installed (it changes the Pip-Boy light from omnidirectional to spotlight) and I'm trying to rotate the light emitter. The reason is because I'm playing in VR and currently it always points to the right instead of forward. I've got no mod creation experience with Bethesda games but I'm a quick learner and was wondering if anyone here can point me to what I should be looking for or what files I should be messing with, it would be greatly appreciated. Here's a quote of my findings from Reddit; Tried adding
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