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  1. SO I've regrabbed the SE version, just to be sure, reloaded my anniversery content picker to add all content, and this time, the open cities patches mod had patches for the grey cowl and bittercup, and it now works as intended. Perhaps I did have the wrong version of open cities, I'll never know, but this has been a humbling and well taught lesson, thank you everyone. Even works with my old save. I can only hope it continues to do so. Thank you very much all, my game experience is improved with this.
  2. I couldn't find that on the nexus page, am I looking for it on the wrong place? I know there's been a shakeup that makes this thing awkward so I want to be sure. Thank you for being patient with me.
  3. I will definitely go check this now, I can't actually be sure.
  4. the saves that I have pulled from the cloud come from open cities enabled games. SO they should not be the thing conflicting with it. I've not played without OCS in a long time. As for the tired thing, yeah, I'm a game dev student at college, tiredness has made me make some amusing mistakes.
  5. Regarding new game, all these issues are independent of game saves, as even removing them from my save file location did not allow the game to boot to menu with the mod enabled. I can't even attempt to load a save with open cities enabled, I can't even get to the game menu with it enabled, as it stands. regarding the version, I got open cities from here, yesterday. The only reason I have any saves at all is because the downloaded from the cloud, that's the only thing from a previous install that exists, the last time I played being on a completely different machine. Removing them didn't solve the fail to boot issue. I was so baffled that only open cities and nothing else enabled was causing a fail to boot. Thirdly, regarding my PC, it's a 1070Ti, an i5 comet lake running at 2.(GHz base, but actually running closer to 4GHz iirc. (This isn't through any manual overclocking, nor is it a K model), 32GB of RAM, and the game is running off of an M.2 NVME SSD. SO there's definitely no texture issue, I've checked that the game renders textures just fine. I'll be trying the things listed over the next few hours and will provide further updates, thank you for your patience. In summary, without open cities being loaded, i can play my old saves if i want so far, absolutely zero issues. Once i get open cities working and booting to main menu with it, I'll be wiping the slate clean, and making a new save.
  6. Okay, thank you, I'll try fixing those two things. Secondly, they're for a mod called master of disguises, this is something I've been using after I found that open cities wasn't working, and wanted to play, even if it was without open cities. and to answer your last part, when i have open cities enabled in my mod manager, it opens the CMD window you briefly see before the game would open normally, hangs for a second, then closes, and looking at steam as it's launching, it says playing for a second, then closes, so I can summise it istrying to load, hangs for a few moments, then aborts.
  7. My SKSE folder, too. skse64_steam_loader.log skse64_steam_loader.log0 LibFire.log LibMathf.log LibTurtleClub.log skse64.log skse64.log0 skse64_loader.log
  8. I removed the saves, no luck. It does feel like people aren't hearing me, when I disable everything but open cities and the requirements like skse (JUST SKSE) and skyUI, it will not even launch the game. like, picture everything you need to launch just the game and open cities. If I'm coming across as a dick or whatever, I really am sorry, I'm just extra frustrated and tired. It simply wont. but here's my loot order from LOOT, and below, anything you might need. If I missed something, please tell me how to find it. loadorder.bak.0 masterlist.yaml.metadata.toml masterlist.yaml.metadata.toml
  9. I've never had Skyrim installed on this computer before, everything is the first install and brand new. And of course i have the things like SKSE, SKYUI, and anything that would be needed to run with just open cities. The only thing that has carried over from my OLD PC is steam cloud saves, but I fail to see how adding 50 mods working fine, but adding open cities is breaking it. And again, this point is moot. I hope this isn't sounding too hostile, but It's about the freshest install you can get.
  10. I figured people would get that i meant with ONLY open cities.
  11. Literally zero mods, and the game will never even open, so new game is moot at that point.
  12. Right now I've got an issue where even with zero mods enabled, open cities refuses to work with 1.6.353, which I believe is the most recent version and the one I have through steam. If I enable open cities and try to launch SKSE, it will try, then fail. I've used LOOT to look at load order, fix any issues it thinks open cities has with my mods, and nothing has worked. Every other mod I have, and there's a few, work right away, and work on a very old pre AE game version so far, I've found no issues other than things you'd expect from skyrim, nothing game breaking at all. If you need anything from me, let me know. This is the stuff I provided mod watch with to get help elsewhere, but no one seemed to be willing to help, or tell me if I missed anything. I've been trying for a good 3 1/2 hours now. Any advice, or anything would be greatly recommended. Plugins.txt SkyrimPrefs.ini
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