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  1. I appreciate the response, but how would running LOOT outside MO change anything? MO is designed to have executable run within MO.
  2. I reinstalled my animations mods and did a little reordering (and built my Bashed Patch), then started a new game and ran through most of the map with no crashes, so that's good! But I have a different problem. I can't get through Helgen. I crash at the same point every time too. It's when Hadvar is telling Haming to get away and then Alduin roasts poor Haming's dad. My concern is that this could be indicative of a future problem fighting Alduin at all, which would obviously be game-breaking. How could I find out what the issue would be? I can't install .NET Script Framework because it hasn't been updated for the current version of SKSE.
  3. - No warnings from FNIS, but I do need to go back and check my install choices, because Pretty Combat Animations does have some crossover with XP32, at least in the install settings. (Haven't had time though because work.) - I figured I'd get advice to create a Bashed patch, but this is another thing I haven't done in so long that I don't really know what I'm doing. Aside from setting up tags per Lexy's guide, I've never done it. 😬 - NAT is the Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel weather mod. And I haven't tested without it, but will.
  4. So, I've been working on a new mod list and much of the build is centered around higher-quality foliage. I was pretty determined to fit Myrkvior and 3D Plants (they're so pretty!) into my game. I'm using Mod Organizer, used LOOT to sort, and have 248 plugins, with 42 of those being ESLs. I did some running around the gameworld with Alternate Start and was pretty happy with the appearance, but I haven't run DynDOLOD yet and I did also crash twice during combat. That makes me think I might have an issue with one of my animation mods or with XP32 itself. I use Ecotone Dual Sheath and Pretty Combat Animations, and I haven't had an issue before, but I'm not sure how to find the issue. I'm also using NAT for the first time which creates a cool hit effect during combat, which may be an issue but I'm not sure. And per LOOT, it is a dirty plugin but it's one of those that I'm not sure if the edits are necessary. My problem is that most of my Skyrim modding has been heavily centered on mod guides like Lexy's and I haven't taken the time to actually build my own. I swear I could do all of this with my hands tied behind my back when I was modding Morrowind, but I just haven't done it in so long that I've forgotten what to do next. I'm glad I've got a list of mod I like, and last night I ran everything through xEdit's Conflict Resolution, but I honestly don't know what to do next and I did watch the GamerPoets xEdit guide. Mod list is attached for reference. Any help is appreciated, and I'm more than willing to learn and find out where I screwed up. plugins.txt

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