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  1. Thank you Sclerocephalus, and my apologies. I should have updated this around the holidays last year, but I had forgotten I posted this question. I figured it out when I was working on a mod for SSE which added a landing marker and had the insight to answer my own question. Serendipity strikes again.
  2. This mod adds a version of Pa's Fishing Aid, a double barrel shotgun which was left on the cutting room floor when the Point Lookout DLC was released.
  3. This is a simple mod which allows the player to invoke the Weapon repair interface using their skill and paying themselves for the work. Yes, this mod is one helluva cheat. I made it because I got tired of paying vendors with less skill than the player for repairs because i couldn't find a compatible weapon.
  4. A simple mod to add a sniper rifle which has been rechambered for the .50 BMG round.
  5. Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Christmas, Happy Saturnalia, Happy Dong Zhi, Happy Yalda, Happy St. Lucia Day, Happy Soyal, Happy Quechua, Happy St. Steven's Day, Happy Festivus, Happy Omisoka, Happy New Year, and Happy Solstice. In short, Happy Holidays.
  6. Thanks @Arthmoor. That's what I originally thought.
  7. Let's see if i understand. Base game ESM is in slot 00. ESL files are slot FE. The savegame is slot FF. That's three (00, FE and FF) of the 256 slots taken up, leaving 253 slots for everything else (additional Mod ESP files and DSL ESM files). So I guess I do not understand how there are 254 slots for mods.
  8. Further, there is a built in implication that this release wasn't adequately tested before it was unleashed.
  9. Have you shared this with the SKSE folks (email: team@skse.silverlock.org)? I ask, because I believe they are the ones who maintain the SKSE section of the CK WIKI, and need to know if it needs updating. You may have also discovered a bug, and if such is the case, the folks who support SKSE still need to know.
  10. The truly simple solution is for people to respect the rights of the content creators. Unfortunately, all the legal jargon in the world will not fix people whose moral compass points towards theft of intellectual property.
  11. "I am sorry if that came across abrasively". Herein lies our difference. You did not "come across" as abrasive. From this chair, you were deliberately confrontory and abrasive in an effort to intimidate and marginalize others. You say not, but the old basketball player sees otherwise. If for no other reason than you were aggressively demeaning more than once, and to more than one person. Now, for the sake of this forum, I shall leave it for others to make judgment. I have said my piece and you have made your denials. Further, this respondent sayeth naught.
  12. Any derogatory, belittling, dismissive or demeaning comment directed at an individual or made about an individual is a personal. When done aggressively, it is an attack. "(although I wouldn't agree with the manner in which crest seems to be pursuing it)" is a spurious and directed comment which is meant to demean someone else. "Just because I am not an established member here it does not mean that my opinion is invalidated. I know you didn't say this, but you seem to be inviting that consensus." (underscores are mine) Is meant to belittle me and dismiss my question. And now y
  13. I am an old basketball player. I learned a long time ago that all of the flapping arms and bobbing head and game talk were just so much distraction. I learned to not pay attention to all the noise and distractions. I learned to follow the navel. Now, your mouth says one thing, but alas your navel makes all that just so much noise. You have not addressed issues, you have attacked people; including me and one other directly in the quoted comment. I invited people to question your motives. Your actions have made my question moot.
  14. I am not very active here, but I have been hiding in the corners and peaking around door jams for a couple months. Now, I have something for the participants in this thread to consider. Three of the eight distinct respondents to this thread joined this site within the last 24 hours, ALL their posts are in this thread, and the majority of the posts in this thread are theirs. Why is that, do you think?
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