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  1. I had a weird occurrence and am curious if it is unique. I placed a Fast Travel Landing Marker at the Red Rocket Truck Stop right next to the cooking spit, between the spit and the building. Later, I decided I didn't like it there and scrapped the Fast Travel Landing Marker, my expectation being that I would return to the original landing spot. However, I continued to land at the spot in spite of the fact that there was no more Fast Travel Landing Marker. Only after I placed another Fast Travel Landing Marker did I stop landing in wrong place and land at the new Fast Travel Landing Marker. Is this a known issue, a one off, or a unique problem?
  2. Hi. I was referred to this site by the Unshod Cobbler. He said is was a great place to learn. The Unshod Cobbler has become unavailable temporarily, and I have taken over his works and will be maintaining them. Looking forward to meeting all of you.

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