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  1. It worked. Thank you so much you are my hero!
  2. I believe I followed those steps for this new version, but when I bring it into the CK it appears invisible in the render windows. battleStandardShield01.nif
  3. thank you so much for looking into this I really appreciate it battleStandardShield01.nif
  4. I just want that nif (wrjovaskrbanner02.nif) to be able to be used as a shield in game. I know how to hook it all up in the CK i just need the nif to work.
  5. For my SSE mod I'm attempting to make a custom shield nif out of the WRJovaskrBanner02. I have made weapon mashups before in nifskope before but not with something as complex as a banner. So I tried the normal way of opening an existing shield, copying the banner into the shield file, saving it out, and placing it in game. Through this method the item shows up fine in my inventory and when dropped on the floor, but in my hand the banner/shield does not appear. I imagine there are more steps to take in nifskope, but I have no idea what. Can anyone please please help?

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