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  1. I get it in Vault 88 now, when you are asked to explore the different areas of the vault. In some areas, Mole Rats spawn, and boom - there goes your game!
  2. Okay, I can report back with my findings. I created a new game with only UFO4P installed. I left the vault and ran directly to Red Rocket. Entered the mole rat den and everything worked as it should. I then proceeded to Vault 81 via a COC command, entered the vault, went down to engineering and TCL'd through the wall, entering the secret vault. Go through the vault and get to the mole rats which spawned and attacked me. I had enabled god mode at this point so I wasn't one-shotted by the turrets and protrectron. Everything worked as it should. I repeated this over and over adding one mod after another, Sim Settlements, Workshop Plus, Workshop Framework and all the Sim Settlements addon packs. Nothing changed. I proceeded to add other mods, one at a time, until all that were left were texture mods which will obviously have no effect. I could find NOTHING in my load order that changed behaviour of the mole rats. I went back to my game that has the problem in it - once again went to the mole rat den outside of Red Rocket and the problem persists. The mod list in my game that has the issue matched the mod list in the new game that I added mods to one at a time. At this point, I'm absolutely beaten by this bug, and I can only assume that the game I'm playing is corrupt, and that's normally my signal to start over. Thankfully with Transfer Settlements I can quickly rebuild the settlements I made, so all is not lost. It's just one of them things, I guess.
  3. I have also got the same behaviour in the mole rat den under red rocket. what I am seeing is that the mole rats spawn, but rather than attack me, they simply remain in place, unmoving, but obviously hostile. If I engage with them, the game will freeze if I leave the mole rat den or try to save. If they spawn and I simply leave the instance everything is fine. I have posted on SimSettlements, but no replies. I am at a loss as to what contributes to this problem. My next step is to start a new game with nothing but UFO4P enabled, then, after leaving the vault, I will try to start a game with Sim Settlements and various thinks like workshop framework and the addon packs enabled. I will report back with any conclusions I can come up with.
  4. Hello everyone, I've encountered this issue in my latest play through having never encountered it before and I've spent the weekend researching and looking for clues and coming up with very little, until I found threads on these forums. I don't run with scrapping mods at all, but, I do run with SimSettlements and various addons for that mod, including a mod that adds a security base that can generate a 'tame' mole rat, and I wonder if there is a relationship between SimSettlements and possibly the mod that adds the mole rat and this bug in the secret vault in Vault 81. I am going to try and start a version of the game that disables the SimSettlements addons, one by one, to see what effect, if any, doing that has on this issue. I feel bad for doing this because I know that disabling mods is going to cause me an issue, but the game I'm playing has got literally months of time invested, and it's broken, which is frustrating, so nothing ventured, nothing gained. I will also make a post over on the SimSettlements forums to see if anyone has seen anything like this over there. If I get any feedback from there I will pass it along.

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