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  1. Sorry for adding another question but I cant stop thinking about it. :| Do I understand it right, that the dangers of past 60 FPS lie in reality in the reduced frame time and therefore less time for the engine to do their stuff because everything is kinda linked to frame time? Because physics can somewhat "fixed" with the havok timings as I understand it.
  2. Well then thanks for explaining this old post. I think I understand this issue now better.
  3. I hope thats the right forum for this. Arthmoor wrote in 2016 on the steam forum the following statement: Source The Question I have, what's the technical explanation for this? Or in other words why is 60FPS a convenient multiple of 30 but not 90 or 120? I asked here because I dont want to necro old threads on steam and all explanations on that matter were "because Arthmoor said so" - which is not a satisfactory answer in any way to understand a given problem :(

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