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  1. I realize there is a limit to what USSEP is supposed to change, but if it has already changed Alto Wine to Holy Water, could it not simply change the giant's toe in the Temple to a unique quest item? Giant's pinky toe, perhaps? As for Ysolda, why not just leave her package out of it, altogether? Simply make her essential until the quest is done? Also, if a person is using USSEP, they are no longer playing vanilla Skyrim.
  2. As a player, it's an annoying questline from start to finish. The amusement wears thin quickly. It's irritating that all instances of the items you pick up in the temple of Dibella remain undroppable quest items until the quest is completed, but the hagraven feathers aren't. There's no consequence to not having any of it in your inventory when reaching Sanguine, though the player dialog remains the same either way. Personally, I think a good way to resolve it is to make it linear, but with the option to skip any or all of it with high enough persuasion or enough gold. At any point the player should be able to pay enough to get straight to Movunskar. However, this may be a problem at Moira, as she is less likely to accept money. In addition, I'm not sure if it is vanilla or the result of a mod, but having the entire thing between Rorikstead and Witchmist Grove and then getting dumped at the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath was jarring. That wasn't even where I talked to Sam. Also, my follower was left in Morvunskar instead of showing up in the tavern with me at the end.
  3. This mod is not longer carrying forward changes made by USSEP to MQ102. Shall I wait for an update or just carry them forward myself in XEdit?
  4. Thank you, Hana. Will Do! Leo, thank you for your reply.
  5. I'm not reporting this as a bug or incompatibility. I'm just curious if this is something I should patch? As shown in the screenshot, in XEdit, with conflict filter on, it appears an Invisibility Eyes Fix script overwrites a USSEP script in the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal Magic Effect.
  6. Oh, sorry. Didn't see this reply. I didn't mean all load screens, just the intro stuff.
  7. Ah, but the thing I like about Dimes is that it leaves you just inside the cave within the Helgen interior. You can choose Ralof or Hadvar and they actually appear just inside the cave opening. When you walk out, Unbound ends "normally" with whoever you followed hiding behind the rock. I was even able to make my own mod which places a satchel where the player spawns with the equipment I like to start the game with. I suppose at this point, the only thing I could do is trigger whatever script is started by footprints when MQ101 250 is completed . . . with another script. Unfortunately, there are no source files for footprints in the mod. I may be fortunate, however; in my research I've discovered Footprints may be unnecessarily script heavy. I should just count my blessings and move on. Maybe someday someone will replace Footprints with a lighter mod?
  8. OK, I have tried to hide my shame, but I have no choice but to admit it. I don't use Alternate Start. All I wanted was a way to get around the tutorials and cutscenes and just get to the end of Unbound with a character and some gear. Dimes Quickstart did exactly that, but unfortunately, it doesn't complete MQ101 stage 250, which is what triggers Footprints to activate. Now, after much research I have discovered Alternate Start - Live Another Life is the only alt start mod that sets MQ101 stage 250 as completed and therefore works with Footprints. I come with my hat in my hands pleading for a batch file or a set of console commands that will allow me to set the stage completed and continue on with my level 45 character. I thought it would be simple, as I've reset the danged adoption quest line many, many times over the years, but I just can't figure this one out. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Incidentally, Dimes Quickstart also fails to remove Ulfric's gag. The first time I went to the Palace of the Kings, he was still wearing it. Funny to see, but easily traceable back to this mod.
  9. That sounds like a proof of concept to me! Thanks! Just thinking about the masks in the Divine Elegance Store, it lead me to the prosthetic metal noses and even toes found in ancient tombs. In an age of diversity, it would be great to see more in my game. I realize a lot of people feel their fantasy games should provide an archetype of perfection, which they already do, but I prefer my fantasy to be grounded in reality. Magic does have limitations, after all. Presumably a dead limb could be resurrected, but all that groaning and the smell? Would make you want to cut it off! LOL! As it stands, I'm using a lovely little mod called Diversifying Skyrim that adds pregnant women, armor meshes that appear to have others carrying crying babies, and makes some blacksmiths and nobles appear to have enjoyed a lot of rich food. So far, my experience with it has been very satisfying. Rustleif, a heavy-set blacksmith in Dawnstar opines that his wife is expecting and should have a book to help her teach the baby of her Redguard heritage. Then, lo and behold, she comes around the corner and is *actually* showing! It was a moment I haven't felt since Emma introduced Children of Morrowind. I'll check out West Wind, as I've recently found an Xedit script that will add items from any mod into levelled lists. Perhaps I will soo have at least some one-armed bandits in my game? (Please forgive the pun). Thanks for the answer. Should it make this 50 year old gamer feel a little giddy to be in the company of such legends as Arthmoor and Pseron Wyrd? It's good to see familiar faces after all these years.
  10. It would seem up til now, Bethesda has been afraid to make their NPCs different. Hell, Morrowind didn't even have vanilla children. I've seen blind eyes and eyepatch mods, but no peg legs or hooks. It seems a strange oversight. Is it just not possible to create a piece of armor that looks like a stump, or a peg or hook, that simply uses all the body slots past it? Is it because left and right gloves and boots are mirrored and *must* take up the same slots on both sides? Maybe double-amputees are the only thing possible, but with the right bladed gloves or magic floating spell, it could still be somewhat immersive. The Dwemer would have invented wheelchairs as well as mechanical limbs, surely. I hope, in the future, Bethesda takes into account the fact that not everyone who comes back from war comes back whole.
  11. Unfortunately, it's not *my* mod. It's a large, complicated mod that has a Frankenstein's monster look in XEdit. The author(s) left a lot of extraneous records from copying existing objects, merging in records from resources, and from version changes. I don't even know if the extra records cause any issues. For example, the main character wears a unique set of armor. In XEdit, I can see there are two sets of armor, one appears to be a leftover from a prior version that was never removed. Sometimes, it amazes me that the mod works.
  12. I started my game with the mod Vampyrium-Resurrected (Vampire Overhaul) . Unless I have done something wrong, it isn't quite playable since the last update, as it has rendered all vampires essential and the kill mechanism doesn't seem to be working. However, it has given me an idea. I was thinking of a mod which, as this one does, allows vampires to be brought down to a bleedout state, at which point, you can reverse-pickpocket a contructible stake onto them. After the stake is in their inventory, you get a popup with the options to unstake the vampire or behead them. So far, this is fabulous. I would love to see a super stripped down version of this mod, with just that mechanism. One that simply allows all vampires to be knocked to a bleedout state and then pinned down (kept in bleedout) with a stake. Once staked, the option to burn with magic (or a torch, if possible), or behead would be given. A decapitation scene with an option to turn it off would be fantastic. I am not really interested in playing as a vampire, but this would add to immersion, especially when combined with a realistic vampire feeding mod. Unfortunately, the mod author hasn't provided the source for their scripts. I have requested it, as well as let them know that there doesn't seem to be a way to behead the vamps and therefore they can't be killed. This idea led to another. A mod which prevents killing were-beasts without a silver weapon. Again, they could be brought to a bleedout state with any weapon, but they could only be killed with a weapon with the silver enchant (or keyword) with an option to burn them to ash with magic. I add the magic option because I personally don't think it would be reasonable, even in a world with magic, to come back from being turned to ash. Naturally, I have no experience with scripting and wouldn't know where to start. I have asked the author of Vampyrium to provide the source for their scripts and/or a version with just the kill mechanism (hopefully fixed). Is anyone else interested in such a mod?
  13. It gets more complicated with every passing day. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'm stuck on that idea.
  15. Thank you for the information. So much for cleaning up this mess. Is there any way to know for certain *without* getting into the head of the mod author?
  16. I wish I knew enough about the nuts and bolts of followers that I could re-write the NPC myself. It seems to me, that whatever process sets the NPC's behavior isn't letting it go afterward, but I don't even know enough to know what that is. EDIT: this is all there is on the mod website about it: "Can’t select anything in the dialogue box? If Bishop is stuck in “battle dialogue”, (Example: Don’t touch her, she’s mine!) Try smacking him upside the head and he should start acting right. He probably deserves it anyways."
  17. Looking for a way to batch remove records that have no references listed in SSEEdit. On a side note, could records without references still be needed by the mod?
  18. No, just until I take him through a load door.
  19. Bishop, from Skyrim Romance mod, stops responding until changing cells. Idle chatter, speaking, combat, or using any NPC marker will cause him to stop responding. He behaves normally, but when I click on him and select any dialog option, he just stands there and stares. I use Nether's Follower Framework and have 8 other followers including vanilla, 3DNPC, and Inigo and not a single other follower does this, so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with his package. Unfortunately, I don't know a thing about AI or what makes followers tick (or not in this case), so I don't know what to look for. Punching him doesn't help, only changing cells. This seems to be m best clue. Any ideas? PS: though the mod has been out for years, consider it in a pre-alpha state. Very messy. Lots of records started out as copies of existing records and were left messy. I still love the mod and would like to fix this one irritation.
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