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  1. Thank you for the information. So much for cleaning up this mess. Is there any way to know for certain *without* getting into the head of the mod author?
  2. I wish I knew enough about the nuts and bolts of followers that I could re-write the NPC myself. It seems to me, that whatever process sets the NPC's behavior isn't letting it go afterward, but I don't even know enough to know what that is. EDIT: this is all there is on the mod website about it: "Can’t select anything in the dialogue box? If Bishop is stuck in “battle dialogue”, (Example: Don’t touch her, she’s mine!) Try smacking him upside the head and he should start acting right. He probably deserves it anyways."
  3. Looking for a way to batch remove records that have no references listed in SSEEdit. On a side note, could records without references still be needed by the mod?
  4. Bishop, from Skyrim Romance mod, stops responding until changing cells. Idle chatter, speaking, combat, or using any NPC marker will cause him to stop responding. He behaves normally, but when I click on him and select any dialog option, he just stands there and stares. I use Nether's Follower Framework and have 8 other followers including vanilla, 3DNPC, and Inigo and not a single other follower does this, so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with his package. Unfortunately, I don't know a thing about AI or what makes followers tick (or not in this case), so I don't know what to look fo
  5. Oh, sorry I didn't answer this before. I didn't see it. Since that time, whenever I have trouble loading a mod into the CK through MO, I always try it again outside of MO. I learned my lesson!
  6. Hopefully this'll be my last question for a while. 1.) Consuming Snow: I would like to see this increase exposure in Frostfall and decrease thirst in INeed Eating snow may already decrease thirst in INeed, but I can't tell. 2.) Warm, caffeinated drinks: I would like to see drinks like coffee and tea decrease fatigue in INeed. There are keywords for warming soups that help the warm drinks interact with Frostfall, but I'd like to see some effect from caffeine.
  7. You can always tell when I've started a new playthough. There's a flurry of new topics from me asking questions. I'm a very casual modder/player with great ideas and no skills. I can't even keep up to date with the tools.
  8. Wonderful, thank you. I haven't used a bashed patch in a long time. I used the Merged plugin feature in XEdit but it has a hard limit of 255, regardless of how many mods are ESLs. Will I still have to manually carry over the changes in your location mods? Off the top of my head I know you have specific Acoustic space entries for Miners' houses.
  9. Every playthrough I feel like I'm spending half my time forwarding Cell and Worldspace records from Realistic Water Two and Sounds of Skyrim. Does anyone know of any SSE Edit scripts that automate this?
  10. OK, even weirder . . . I just ran it through SSEEdit, checked for errors, and it found none. Something in the process above removed the errors. . . . it's magic!
  11. You know what's really crazy? It is currently working perfectly in SSE. I ran it through Cathedral Assets Optimizer and in order to get the form to change, I used wryebash. I copied it to an ESM and then copied it again to an ESP. I don't know why it works, but it does. The rabbits show up, look like they're supposed to and do what they're supposed to do. No crashes. I guess I'll just leave it alone.
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