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  1. I downloaded content released by Bethesda. Creation Club content, yes, but it works fine if that's all I use. If I then apply your patch, it breaks said content. So the fault is with you. I don't need you to patch CC content. I need you to patch your mod so it doesn't interfere with CC content. There's a difference. I'm not bothering the UPCC people with something that's not their fault or their problem. If it turns out that it's some integral part of your mod that is interfering and it cannot be fixed without their help, or that the CC/released-by-Bethesda (a.k.a. paid) content needs to be patched to work with your mod because you can't change it on your end without disabling a fix of yours, then fine. I'll seek help from them. But not before that is determined. And I reiterate: your user registration process is so bad, it nearly turned me away, but this needs to be fixed. Specifically, I should not have to use Google or a calculator to register (which isn't easy on a phone - and your math question didn't account for punctuation so I had to register on my phone TWICE for the bug forum, taking out the commas the second time). You've gone to ridiculous lengths to protect some obscure corner of the internet from... what? Bots? As if a captcha - which you use for this forum - weren't enough. --- Also, my attitude may suck (I have zero patience these days), but so does Arthmoor's. For reference, here's my bug post, where it's supposed to be: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=26010

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