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  1. I wish to put an addition to this which is something that I've noticed not entirely related to this, but is an interesting issue: I recently have been able to replicate the "no longer saving" issue several times, by a quick save and a lot of quick loading, I noticed this only recently after adding in a bunch of mods that had some heavy scripts, so I'm wondering if that's something to look into. And on this front, I've had the insta-freeze when molerats attack in the Taphouse, was fun trying to rescue Buddy.
  2. I wish to add this to my previous, but I just did "Hole in the Wall" without this issue, but still get it at the Red Rocket den.
  3. I'm assuming that site has a different login as it's not accepting this. However, as I was trying to narrow down more I ended up with it now crashing when I have Sim Settlements disabled, so no idea what is going on now.
  4. I'm going to add myself to this. I have the same issue and have been almost to the point of running around trying to fix this issue and been close to murdering my PC, as well as getting extremely angry at why I can't figure it out. I've done the "tDetect" command trick and didn't have the issue. I was going to post this at least 3 hours earlier as I was testing to narrow this down, but I'm getting odd mixed results, so far I've narrowed it down to possibly being a Sim Settlements companion mod, or just something that happens no matter the save 98% of the time.

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