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  1. I started the Dragonborn questline I'm not sure if I got attacked by cultists or not but I followed the objectives up until the reach Temple of Miraak objective where after reaching the top of the Temple and touching the tree Stone I'm put into a black screen then i spawn in building part of one of the pillars with a hammer and chisel as normal at this point the NPC named Frea is supposed to spawn and talk to me and the other NPCs but she does not spawn and Miraak is just standing in a location in apocrypha it gives me the option to talk to him but doesn't let me talk to him I found him using teleportation mods I can't complete the Temple of Miraak objective thereby stopping the quest lines please I need help to fix this I tried to report the bug on the bug tracker but the open new issue options was not there and this is stopping my progress completely
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