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  1. And you don't seem to understand a simple scientific principle: If all of your samples are treated the same but you get a difference in the outcome, then that outcome is most likely due to the parameter that is the variable and not due to the completely equal treatement of the samples. And in this specific case that variable has been USSEP whether you like it or not. You also seem to completely ignore the fact that not using the console didn't help me the tiniest bit, when I encountered that but initially. In a previous post you complained that nobody provided you with a save-game. So I went through the effort and provided you with a host of save-games, including positive and negative controls, but you refuse to even look at them. Instead you accusing me of playing some "blame-game". Yeah right, I have nothing better to do than spending my time playing four times through the same quest carefully documenting my findings. No you're right of course, it is all just because I absolutely want to blame this on a specific mod. Under no circumstances would I have been happy to find out that something else was interfering and maybe fix it....If you find sarcasm in my last few scentences you can keep it. ....and to think that I actually did this to help you....
  2. Hi Arthmoor, I did some 4way testing using a mod-free save-game from my current character (as she just left Helgen cave in a vanilla only game). I teleported this character into Windhelm, then went into candlehearth hall and initiated the quest via console. However, I played 4-times through every step of this quest up to the point where we have to interact with the clues in Hjerim manually, and every single quest-stage triggered normally. My findings are as follows: - Skyrim Vanilla: everything works - Skyrim with USSEP only: no interaction possible, neither with the containers nor the clues in Hjerim - Skyrim with "Thieves Guild for the good guys" only: interaction with the clues works normally and is possible. Only difference was the the guard, guarding the body was walking around and arrived at the crime-scene only after I had questioned the witnesses. - Skyim with USSEP and "Thieves Guild for the good guys" together: no interaction with the clues and containers possible, and guard arrived late at the crime scene. This still seems to indicate USSEP as one of factors, as both versions without it work normally and this time no single mod has been removed and Skyrim was loaded properly from a very basic save-game. I have attached all four save-games (just before entering Hjerim with the key I got from Thora for the first time) for you. HjerimClues2.7z
  3. Thanks again for the info, I still have a clean and 100% mod-free save-game from where I just left Helgen cave. I will try and use that save-game and go to Windhelm to start the quest manually. Just for info. I did start "Blood on the Ice" by console whenever I tested directly from the menu up until stage 50 "get access to Hjerim", from then on I proceeded manually and the next stage 60 "look for clues" would always trigger normally as soon as I would enter Hjerim. I will let you know what I found tonight.
  4. Hi Arthmoor, thanks for your reply. You were (partially) right with the Thieves mod. I have two Thieves-Mod installed ("Opulent Thieves Guild" and "Thieves Guild for the Good Guy"), and if I unload these games the following happens: although I can not interact with the clues themselves, I can interact with the objects. The chest can be opened as chest, the hidden cabined can be opened, but the Butchers diary can't be picked up. Note that I tested this directly from the Main-Menu, not just from the save I created before I entered Hjerim for the first time. I understand that testing from a current game can often be unclear (and of course I always continue my game from before I started testing, so that my current save-game has no removed mods). Which is why I tested directly from the main menu (steps 3 and 4 from my first post). I assumed since Skyrim creates a complete new character, that this would be a suitable form of testing? My current character is a female level 49 Breton, but if I start from the main menu a standart level 1 male Nord with Iron Armor gets created. Or did I misunderstand something? I have attached three save-games in a zip: HjerimBugClues.ess - from inside Hjerim with my current mods loaded (except the two Thieve Guild Mods) but started directly from the main-menu with a new standard character . Limited interaction with the objects but no interaction with the clues themselves (you were definitively correct about that one of these mods (I don't know yet exactly which one) has a negative influence on the clue-activators) HjerimUSSEP.ess - Just outside Hjerim before entering it for the first time. Again started directly from the Main-Menu with just Skyrim, the DLC's and USSEP loaded. No interaction with the clue or the objects themselves (hidden cabinet can't be opened) HjerimNoUSSEp.ess - The same as above but this time without USSEP loaded. Eveything works normally. At least that is the situation on my current system, where I have also SKSE mods loaded. I therefore can't completely rule out additional interference or some other form of interaction with USSEP. HjerimClues.7z
  5. I just now experienced for the first time while using USSEP the bug that I can't interact with any of the clues in in Hjerim (but I can interact with anything else just fine). I googled the topic and which lead me to USSEP. USSEP version 4.2.2 How I tested: Made a hard save from before I entered Hjerim for the first time then: 1) unticked USSEP in Wyre-Bash and let it untick the slew of mods that require USSEP automatically - Result: I was able to interact with the clues in Hjerim normally. 2) re-ticked USSEP in Wyre-Bash but left the slew of mods that require USSEP unloaded - Result: I was not able to interact with the clues in Hjerim 3) Unloaded all Mods except Skyrim and it's DLC's and the USSEP Patch: coc'ed directly from the main menu to the house of Clan Shattershield - started "Blood in the Ice" by console and brought it up to stage 50 - went and talked to Jorleif about getting access to Hjerim - got the key from the Clan Shattershield lady - entered Hjerim and waited for the message "search for clues" to pop-up - Result: I was not able to interact with the clues 4) Exact same Setup as in 3), but this time without USSEP (only Skyrim and DLC's loaded) - Result: I was able to interact with the clues just fine I tried looking in xEdit under "cell" but USSEP only seems to change the amulet. Is this an activator problem? I know that has been a problem before but I thougt that was fixed again? Or did I go somewhere wrong in testing? Unfortunately using the original hard-save with only Skyrim and USSEP loaded doesn't work, as Skyrim then claims that that save-game is "corrupted".
  6. Ok, so I wanted to confirm the theory about scappig mole-rat mounds. - I started my game with all my current mods installed (including Scrap-Everything), but with the savegame I made when I had left Vault 111 for the first time. I went to Sanctuary Hills, did the tour with Codsworth and proceeded to Red Rocket, where I killed all the Molerats and cleaned out that cave underneath. No freeze. - I then made a hard-save, cleaned up some stuff but not the molerat mounds, and went to Fairlane Hills, where there is the Gamblers Bunker from the mod "Wild Wasteland". I made a hard save just before I entered the Bunker. Quit Fallout to Desktop, restarted Fallout 4 (in order to give to bug time to bake itself into the save-game file), and went down into the Bunker, killed the molerats, hit the Qucksave-Button, and no freeze. - I proceeded to Shamrocks Taphouse, did another hard-save, quit Fallout 4 again, restarted and went into the Taphouse where I killed the molerats in the basement - no freeze So far so good, now I had to just prove the opposite. so I loaded my save from before I cleaned up some stuff at Red-Rocket. This time I made sure I scapped ALL the mole-mounds as well. Then I proceeded EXACTLY like above......and I didn't encounter any freezes or problems. Sigh..........However, when I first went into the Gamblers-Bunker without having reloaded the game, the mole-rats didn't trigger at all. Grrr, I can honestly say that I meanwhile loathe that mole-rat attack script.
  7. Yep, you are completely right somethingbrite. Scrap Everything allows you to scrap molerat-mounds, as well as (certain) ambush-markers. And guess what I usually do after I have defeted my first mole-rats in the tunnel underneath the red rocket (the only molerats that don't freeze for me), and activated the workbench there? I scap the red-rocket area INCLUSIVE those mole-rat mounds!! I will have to start a new re-run though to confirm your theory. Ah, and not using SimSettlements here as well, and Fallrim Tools says I have only like 6 active scripts in my save-game. I kind of get confirmed though in my belief that this particular script is so excruciatingly badly written that it gets corrupted by looking crossed-eyed at a daffodyl.
  8. I wanted to add my latest findings here: 1) Yes, I can confirm that Mad-Mulligans Mine in Nuka-World is another place where the bug occurs. I just set myself to work through Vault81 again, for the first time in this play-through (where I already encountered the Mole-Rat freezing bug). So I made a hard-save at just the place where you can save for the last time when you enter the secret part of the vault. I then unloaded all my plugins and started to fight the first group of Vault81-Mole rats, always starting from the same hard-save and, wearingthe same Vanilla Armor and using the same Vanilla Weapon. Here is what I found; 2) It became already clear during the play-through if the game would freeze during saving or not. If the save would work, the mole-rats were much much more agressive and active. 3) There wasn't a specific plugin responsible, for the freeze to happen. It was more a matter of plugin load and plugin combination. If I reached around 62 esp-Plugins, the freeze would occur with almost any additional plugin I would add, as long as the plugin was a workshop/building-mod. For example, adding SMM (Settlement Menu Manager) was no problem, but adding Snappy House-Kit or Settlement Object Expansion, would then trigger the freeze. 4) However; running all the plugins which in that moment would trigger the freeze (in my load order that happened to be workshop/building mods like Settlement Object Expansion Pack, Snappy House-Kit, Snap-Beds, Thematic and Practical....) by themselves or as a big workshop package (just with the vanilla esm's and all the esl's plus all my other workshop mods) would not cause the freeze. 5) Moving the first specific plugin that caused the freeze (in my case Settlement Object Expansion Pack) in the load order from last to the top just right below the esm's/esl's did not solve the freeze either. Not related to load order? 6) After that 62 esp-Plugin-Boarder, I could not load any more Workshop/Building mods before the freeze would happen 7) Unloading all esm's that had to do with workshop/building did not change that fact that the previously problematic building mods would still trigger the freeze 8) Unloading all other esm's as well as the Unofficial Patch, did not solve the freeze either, in combination with one or more of the problematic workshop mods 9) However, I still could load Quest-Mods (even huge ones like Fusion City rising), and Weapon- and Armor-Mods, withouth triggering the freezing 10) Upon further testing I found that the freezing problem is caused by a combination of several mods, which do not seem to be 100% compatible with each other (for example "Commonwealth Cleanup" with some of my Building mods), However, there are more mods involved (likely around 10 mods in my load order) and even after x-reloads, I haven't found out the exact culprits yet. ..... and now I am at an even greater loss than before. What in the hell have the indoor critter-attacks to do with the workshop mods? Is this really a conflict between the workshop mods and other mods, which is not load-order related??? I run over 30 workshop mods alone, and trying to find out what is going with what and what is not, will be short of impossible (not even trying to calculate the possible combinations here) well.......that was a sunday well spent..... (sarcasm off)
  9. I am currently at another play-through, and I have that bug again. Yes, you are correct if you say that the cave underneath Red-Rocket is an exception, as I observed exactly the same. I didn't encounter the bug there. And even though I haven't installed a single new mod since I killed those mole-rats at the Red-Rocket cave, I now have to deal with this bug again. And I don't have Sim-Settlements installed either (never had in this play-through). I am not so sure about your theory about the bug being related to specific locations, as the bug also affects mole-rats from mods: Wild-Wasteland: - the R.O.U.S-mole rats at the gambling bunker South of the Sea: - the mole-rat just to your right when you leave Necropolis And the bug also occurs in the Vim-Pop-Factory from the Far-Harbor DLC. ....of course there is also the possibility that the modders copy-pasted that buggy mole-rat script as well. That could also explain the "missing activator" or "activator set to attack furniture" from Gentester's link above. If the modders just copied one of the mole-rats which did have a faulty activator, then that could account for the bug showing up in mods as well. So the bug may not be due to a universal buggy script, but to single individual buggy mole-rats that get copied-pasted all over the place (still doesn't explain as to why it occurs only in indoor-cells and not above ground as I assume that indoor and outdoor mole-rats are identical). Unfortunately I have only understood about half of what Gentester wrote in his post, and I currently don't have enough knowledge of CK in order to apply those fixes he described.
  10. Hi there somethingbrite, you are definitively not alone with this bug. It is mentioned on steam a couple of times: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/144513248282521815/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/360670708776433033/ And I think I have seen discussions about it on Reddit as well, although no one has ever found a real solution for it. I just wanted to thank you for the trick with "tDetect". I have been dealing with this bug for months now, and I have been researching all over the internet but unfortunately haven't found a real solution yet. Until now I always just used the "killall" command before I have even seen the molerats. However your work-around seems to be a bit more immersive. If you ever find a better and more permanent fix for this, I would be glad you could share this here. Edit: I just noticed something weird. If I use tdetect and my NPC's trigger the molerat-aggression (not me, as they can't detect me), then the bug doesn't occur either. Other observations; - the bug only occurs if the molerats are in an indoor cell, not if they are outdoors - however, when playing through "South of the Sea" I found that it also affects radscorpions that are encountered underground (they aren't found underground in Vanilla Fallout 4) - for me disabling Scrap Everything didn't solve the problem, and I also didn't have the faulty mesh from CBBE. So the same bug can be triggered by various causes. Thinking out loudly: - do both molerats and radscorpions have the same attack script? - is that script different if triggered underground? - is that script so badly written that it can corrupt at a whim? - potential for streamlining that script?

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