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  1. List of mods that I use Unofficial Skyrim special edition patch Healthfire map marker fix Quest bug fix dawnguard unknown books journal patch Kneening fix Dragonbone Smithing fix Missing tempered recipes fix Arcwind "find the word of power" quest fix Apocrypha archway bug fix Sabre cat respwan Fix rescue quest by chazyrr Proudspire Manor se fixes Castle volkihar main door bug Miraak fight glitch workaround Boneyard bug Hearlth grass glitch Prevent housing missing College of winterhold shop fixes Windhelm snow fix Repairing the phial fix no-op Dead body collision fix Laid to rest bug fix Hearlthfire patch all housing cells as no reset zone Repairing the phial fix Unleveled items Stones of barenziah quest markers Jiub's opus & arvak's skull quest markers H.A.S.T.E. Skyrim restored Rustic and lighting (CE) GT's- Whiterun My jorrvaskr & Skyforge Magical college of winterhold [PS4] modified city inns Mouldy's improved Riverwood Hold Capitals: Morthal Kato's falkreath Ruins of winterhold Road to morthal Better docks Hold border banners Wooden bridges Lamposts of Skyrim Point the way Dlc integration Fallen trees Convient bridges Closed and guarded borders Recover cities Project hippie Dense grass Insignificant object remover Water- Water and Terrian enhance Better cities Faster leveling More blood and gore! Big jump 5x Big helmet combat perks Resurrection Better horses Allow intercations, tolerant npcs & no Ash piles Multiple followers system Undying loyalty Get out the way I will shout if I want to!!! Vampires sucks no attacks in tamerial better combat ai Less aggressive animals Beast form companions Hold riders Get over stocked and rich merchant Star triple hold a Superior treasure and rewards mod Guard torch remover True alteration armor visuals Rain and snow fx Various dragons Race menu any time Grappling hook spell Crafter's storage Harvest overhaul NPCs don't drop weapons upon death You can pickpocket childern Crafting recategorized Lootable giants' clubs Smithed equipment in loot & shops World map vibrant map Visble map markers Tls for performance towns ultra Above the law Immersive citizens ai overhaul Realistic conversation Chest mod The ring of godmode Restore vanilla settings Guarded points of interest & military checkpoints
  2. The energy wave still wouldn't shown up. I'm playing Skyrim on the PS4.The bug shown up 3 times in different play throughs. Two with mods and one with out mods. And I also pass the quest before to get the black book and the dragon priest mask. So I know some knowledge on how to use the sword. My current Skyrim playthrough has mods on.
  3. Bloodskal balde doesn't shoot energy when using the power attack button and moving arounding forward, backwards and sideways. The energy projectile doesn't shown.From my understanding is a bug that makes the energy wave not appear at all. The link is to a summary of the sword in the bottom of the summary says is a bug that happens in the ps4 version. Any help would be very be appreciated. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Bloodskal_Blade Found other instances of the bug. Links of other discussions below to help alittle.Doesn't seem to have a solution for gaming consoles. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:237082?useskin=oasis https://bethesda.net/community/topic/132217/the-final-descent-bloodskal-blade-persistent-unsolvable-bug/2 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/191476-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-special-edition/76149897
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