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  1. Version 1.0.0


    OVERVIEW: This mod provides to the player a "Recharger" weapon, functionally similar to what appears in the game "Fallout: New Vegas." The weapon is not considered overpowered although "overpowered" is always in the eye of the beholder (It is 50% more powerful than a stock laser pistol, just as the recharger pistol in F:NV is 50% more powerful than a stock laser pistol in that game). The mod does contain two scripts for those who are sensitive to adding scripts to their gameplay experience. It is Power Armor-compatible & may be modded in-game just as you would any other laser gun. This mod only requires the base game (although everyone likely has the Game of the Year edition by now but, if you do not, now you know). INSTALLATION: Please use the directory structure provided, either by installing it manually or via a mod manager. I have not tested this with the Nexus mod manager program (I think it's called "Vortex" so 'buyer beware' in that regard) as I do not use it. UNINSTALLATION: Because there are two scripts involved, my understanding is that save game files 'embed' the scripts into them and so they can not be 'untangled,' so to speak. Before experimenting with this mod, create a "clean" save game file that does not involve this mod. Should you feel that this mod is not right for your gameplay experience in any way, revert back to that "clean" save game file. Otherwise, standard uninstallation practices apply: Drop the mod-exclusive materials onto the ground when you are in the game, save the game, uninstall the mod, restart the game and proceed with your game. WHERE MAY I FIND THIS LOVELY WEAPON? The first clue is that it is outdoors (not in an interior cell). Second clue? Third clue? Fourth clue? "Oh, just tell me where it is already!" clue - NOTES (Contains spoilers): TO DO (contains mild spoilers but I won't hide these): There isn't that much left to do with this mod. If this is the final release then I'm pretty happy with it. I suppose, if I really wanted to get technical, I could slow down the rate at which the weapon recharges. However, the recharging rate for this weapon is the same as the recharger pistol in F:NV. I could make the laser beam a different color just to differentiate the weapon a tiny bit from a normal laser gun. There is a blue laser option already in the game; I think that, at one point, I tried it out and, for whatever reason, I didn't stay with it. I could make the holotape that contains the sales points a bit more organized (give it sub-menus and things like that). Beyond that, though... I'm happy with how it turned out. FINALLY please do not re-distribute this mod elsewhere (such as at Nexusmods). I do not hate anyone; I only wish to monitor this mod's progress and feedback from one central location. All constructive feedback is good feedback. While I can't promise updates, I will take that feedback into consideration. What's the point of publishing a mod if no one is happy with it? Thank you for downloading the mod and I hope that you enjoy it.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    OVERVIEW - This mod gives to the player a necklace that, when worn, damages your health in a way that, when using a healing spell, increases your restoration skill progression. The mod contains no scripts. INSTALLATION - It is a simple .ESP file and goes into the directory where all .ESP files belong. TO UNINSTALL - Remove the necklace from the player and drop it on the ground. Save your game. Exit the game. Remove the .ESP file either manually or through your mod manager. Enter the game and go back to the save game file and open it. WHERE DO I FIND THIS LOVELY NECKLACE? As always, the first clue is that it is outside (not an interior cell). Second clue - Third clue - Fourth clue - Fifth clue - A personal note - I have attempted to playtest this mod as thoroughly as possible. Unfortunately, I made the miscalculation to update my Skyrim version recently (silly me) which has since caused all sorts of problems with a lot of my earlier save game files. I do have "normal" save game files which, when tested with the mod, accurately reflects what the necklace ought to do. However, there is always the possibility that there may still be a flaw with the mod. Please do not be shy in telling me if you feel that there is a problem with this particular mod (such as your health not restoring back to it's normal level once you have removed the necklace or your heal rate being far more rapid than normal) as I try to "rebuild" my Skyrim game back up to normal. Thank you. And, as always, please do not redistribute this mod to other hosting websites, such as Nexusmods. I do not hate them or anyone else but merely wish to monitor and modify the mod from one central location. Thank you.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    OVERVIEW - This mod provides the player the opportunity to acquire a necklace (the "Vendolace") that allows the player to buy & sell any type of merchandise to any merchant (including stolen items) while it is being worn by the player. installation - It is a single .ESP file and goes where all other .ESP files go. There are no scripts in this mod. Where is the Vendolace? First clue - It is not in an interior cell (in other words, it is outdoors). Second clue - Third Clue - Fourth Clue - Fifth Clue - And for those that don't like searching (shame on you, where's your sense of adventure?) - Please do not redistribute this mod to other sites (such as NexusMods). I do not hate those other sites, I just want to monitor and maintain this mod from this one central site. Thank you.
  4. If an arrow bounces off of an object, it may be recovered ordinarily by picking it up wherever it lays. If an arrow misses the target and gets stuck in another object, such as the ground or a tree, it may be recovered ordinarily from that object. Neither of these are affected by the Hunter's Charm; Only arrows that strike an enemy (or woodland creature, should you so desire) are recoverable with the Charm. Although I have attempted to test this mod extensively, some Skyrim-engine related quirks may exist. You may, for instance, have to drop and pick up the charm for the effect to "keep going" depending upon your save game status. I have yet to replicate such a quirk for this mod but the possibility remains. Thank you for downloading the mod and I hope that you enjoy it.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    OVERVIEW - This is a mod which grants the player a miscellaneous object that, when in their physical possession, allows them to always recover all of their arrows from the corpses of their enemies. It contains no scripts. INSTALLATION - It is a simple .ESP file and goes in the area where all other .ESP files go. You may locate the object: Clue 1 - Clue 2 - Clue 3 - The object is located inside of a satchel. The object should work with the perk "Hunter's Discipline." Please do not redistribute this mod. I have nothing against NexusMods or other distribution sites but only want to monitor and maintain this mod from here. Thank you.
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