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  1. Was that confirmation that you'll look into it for the next CRF? c: <3
  2. I can provide you examples of dialogues from linked fragments. Skyrim - Voices_en0.bsa -> sound\voice\skyrim.esm\maleoldgrumpy dialoguewhiterun__000e3dd3_1 dialoguewhiterun__000e3dcf_1 dialoguewhiterun__000e3dcc_1 I don't know how it is with other dialogues from ICAO, but those are legit cut content. It isn't spliced dialogues from other lines. As for OCW im in contact with it's creator and im not sure if he has ambition to restore more cut content. He is rather conservative about making it as conflict-free as possible and avoiding editions of vanilla files and thus avoiding conflicts with USSEP and CRF or any other mod. So most of CWO stuff is outside of OCW's scope for now. OCW is really more about wargame map than about cut content, altough restored city battles are nice addition to it. EDIT: Thanks to SimTam i managed to find that those dialogues are in fact written and in game, here are their ID's in SSEEdit EDIT2: i looked over Shurah's IC example videos and checked if the scenes are noted on UESP. Altough i do not trust wiki's blindly, i presume that if some scene has slight possibility to be working in game, it would be listed there. Or at least You would be aware of it's existance if it was listed on UESP. Only four of showcased scenes appear to be cut content. One is infamous Anoriath's hunting, and three other are scenes with Vignar. All three are on screen attached. Vignar-Balgruuf, which is famously known cut content, iirc it is even restored in CRF. Two other are Olfrid-Vignar and Idolaf-Vignar that i have linked and shown proof of their existance on the attachment. They have their scene attached to them: WhiterunFeudScene1 (000E3DE3) and WhiterunFeudScene2 (000E3DE4). For some reason i have never found it ingame, and i assume that since you haven't believed it even existed - nor did you found it. I hope i have gave you enough evidence to investigate the matter and hopefully restore it for CRF <3
  3. Hello :3 would You restore dialogues that were restored by Immersive Citizens? Im mostly concerned about dialogues between Olfrid and Vignar / Idolaf and Vignar. I assume that more of that video shows restored dialogues but those two i confirmed are cut content. There are unassigned voice files in the game for them: https://youtu.be/wTMo1QTCSow?t=711 https://youtu.be/wTMo1QTCSow?t=776 Btw since Civil War Overhaul has recently became open-source (a month ago ApolloDown published source files and said that community is free to do whatever they want with them) abandoned mod i wonder Arthmoor if you could take it under your wings and make it a sister project to CRF? PS. Aside from those Whiterun stuff, there are also dialogues between Captain Lonely-Gale and citizens of Windhelm from the times he was planned as captain of the guards. However since his voice-type is quite common for many other NPC's i wonder - wouldn't it be fine to add totally new Captain of the guard that has his place in the scenes? It is waste of good voiced dialogue and his name is said only in one of them and tbh it can be safely cut out of the dialogue.

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