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  1. Zilav, the script you recommended on Bethesda forums Weather: All Natural thread does not appear to work. "List records referencing specific plugin" gives the following result: [Apply Script done] Processed Records: 76, Elapsed Time: 00:06 No list is provided of any records referencing a specific plugin, there should have been a single result when I tested this just now using 03 as the hexadecimal load order reference to search for (see screenshot).
  2. Normally it is clicking the square above the scroll bar which causes this to happen (to the right of column header "Name") - I had forgotten that it is only clicking here which does it as I have gotten so used to ensuring I never click anywhere near there - with Windowblinds the effect is expanded across the entirety of the scroll bar and is also triggered when scrolling.
  3. The scroll bar in the left pane presently can be single-clicked to reverse the sort order. I do not know why this exists, but could this function be removed please? It's no different from clicking a column header. I have from time to time clicked it by accident when selecting a record causing great confusion. I have also started using WindowBlinds and for some strange reason (I cannot think why else this is happening other than through WindowBlinds) whenever I drag the scroll bar, releasing the mouse button acts as a single click, so once I have reached the location I wanted in the column of records it then flips the sort order immediately, requiring an actual click to correct it.
  4. Google have changed drive.google.com since the last time I downloaded an SVN, and now the entire site is blocked by AdBlock Plus. Temporarily disabling AdBlock Plus has allowed me to view the page and click Download, thanks for suggestions.
  5. I still get a grey screen. Is that the only location the SVNs are stored?
  6. Any idea why I can't seem to download the latest svn, 1876? The link posted is https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4rR0C-Bcx_JLW5KdGZIR2ZYcjg/view?usp=sharing]https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4rR0C-Bcx_JLW5KdGZIR2ZYcjg/view?usp=sharing which takes me to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4rR0C-Bcx_JLW5KdGZIR2ZYcjg/view]https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4rR0C-Bcx_JLW5KdGZIR2ZYcjg/view which has a page title of TES5Edit_r1876.7z Google Drive But that just loads a bank grey screen, and no download starts.
  7. CSE can load and save the file without any trouble at all. How come the bug report doesn't tell you what caused xEdit to fail? EDIT I have used CSE Details to mark the pathgrid record as Ignored then resaved. Now xEdit has no problems, so it was failing to read the pathgrid record for some reason.
  8. Yes, as I said it was from a specific ESP. I can PM you the ESP and the ESM/Ps it depends on if you want.
  9. Using TES4Edit r1848, I have attached a bug report. I get a repeatable assertion failure from a specific ESP when expanding "Worldspace > Tamriel > Block 0,1 > Sub-Block 0,4 > 00003499 > Temporary" and also "0000349A > Temporary" - these cells are immediately west of Castle Bruma. My guess is that it relates to either land records or pathgrid records, but I don't know for certain. I have no idea whether this is bad records or an error in xEdit. Hide the message unless the "-iknowwhatimdoing" flag is used. This will prevent the majority of users from ever seeing the message. TES5Edit_bugreport.txt
  10. You won't be able to do anything to investigate this as there's no error log, but xEdit (svn 1848) just closed itself without reason as I was in the middle of using it. No exception error, no crash report, it simply closed. No clue why, all I did was click on the next AI package in the list which I intended to edit. xEdit had been running for about 20 minutes, and I had saved my progress about 10 minutes before the close. I am most bemused.
  11. Ah, that's good to know, thanks. Although mods shouldn't be including DistantLOD files in their packaging as these files are unique to each game install at the time the files are generated.
  12. Thanks zilav. Could the readme for TES4LODGen be included in the future too, updated to explain what it uses for settings? The current LODGen readme states that it uses plugins.tes4lodgensettings (this readme is from 2008).
  13. Using svn 1839 as TES4LODGen.exe, I noticed that plugins.tes4lodgensettings is being ignored. I have the default set to Skip and Tamriel set to Replace, yet LODGen is replacing for evey single worldspace. BTW, could plugins.tes4lodgensettings be relocated to the same directory as the EXE? This would be so much tidier and easier to find.
  14. What do you mean by proper location? TESxEdit should work from anywhere, so there is no proper location? Or is this just "the location Wrye Bash has been designed to look at by default"? That's what I said. The proper location The proper location is wherever I want to put it. D:GamesBethesda SoftworksTESxEdit If Wrye Bash doesn't like that, screw Wrye Bash! Not that I'm bothered anyway, I'd never launch any program from within Wrye Bash, I already have shortcuts to launch other TES-related programs, Wrye Bash having links to launch those same programs is just redundant.
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