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  1. Sorry to bump, but can I get a follow up on this? If I need to open a proper ticket in your tracker, can someone grant me the necessary permissions? Thanks.
  2. BTW, I found Fred O'Connel body just north on the road near Taffington boathouse, guess the quest Human Error is spawing the dead caravan on the game start. But he's still a random encounter, and while the patch mentions his random encounter will not happen after you do the quest, it's weird that if you never do the quest you can have 2 Fred O'Connels on the game world, one dead and one possible random encounter
  3. alright, here's another save this time without any console at all same situation, both taffington and sunshine claimed, pre placed bodies at taffington cleared, pre placed bodies at sunshine still there AND YES, PRE PLACED FERAL CORPSES AND THE DEAD SETTLER NEAR THE MAGAZINE AND CHEST Of course I may be wrong, but I'm suspecting this fix isn't working on sunshine tidings because on my other saves all other settlements with pre placed bodies have them despawned, true to what the patch log says, except sunshine tidings and now with a fresh test save, taffington pre placed brahmin and setller corpses have despawned, while sunshine tidings pre placed bodies are still there why sunshine tidings take more time? I claimed the sunshine workshop first, in fact Quicksave0_6E2B9E9AM4E617465_Commonwealth_000037_20181031000403_2_2.fos Papyrus.0.log
  4. hm I started a new game without any mods but the unofficial patch 2.0.5b and f4se to test this claimed 2 workshops, taffington and sunshine tidings note I used console commands, tmm 1 to allow fast travel without walking half the map and tgm otherwise the bugs at taffington would make quick work of me then I used set timescale to 2500 to speed up time the dead bramin and the corpse at tafington dissapeared, while all the ghouls at sunshine tidings are still there take a look at the save and let me know if using the console to test this was a wrong move, I can try again without using it if necessary also uploaded logs from the session Quicksave0_7C47DFFFM4E617465_Commonwealth_000035_20181030223837_2_2.fos Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log
  5. I would post this on the tracker, but I don't seem to have access to open new tickets Preplaced bodies in the following settlements will now clean up properly once the player has taken them over: Croup Manor, Kingsport Lighthouse, Sunshine Tidings, Taffington Boathouse, National Park Visitor Center. (Bug #20215) May I ask about how much time I have to wait until the clean up happens? It varies from settlement to settlement? Because it's taking forever to clean up the dead ghouls and the dead settler at Sunshine Tidings. The bodies from Taffington and Croup Manor vanished alright, but not from sunshine tidings. Let me know if you need a save.

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