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  1. Regarding your Darkwater Crossing mod, the current version is 1.0.7.  When I last downloaded this mod from Nexus, it was version 2.0.6.  Is this the same mod?  It looks the same, from reading the description.

    Are your version numbering conventions following those established on Nexus?  So if I downloaded 2.0.5 from Nexus, and it is 2.0.5 here, then that is the same mod?

    Thank you for your valuable work and great mods.

    1. Arthmoor


      1.0.7 probably means you were looking at the LE version, not the SE version.

  2. Confused here. I thought the version numbering conventions would be consistent with Nexus. When I last download this mod from Nexus, it was version 2.0.6. On AFK Mods, it is now version 1.0.7. Don't know what to make of this.
  3. It would help to know what year the mod was updated. August 11, what year? I have 2.0.3 from Nexus. Not sure if this is Skyrim or SSE.
  4. I gather this was on Nexus until recently, and that you are one of many modders fleeing Nexus because of their ill-advised policy changes.
  5. Mod 54849, Alternate Start SSE - Opening Scene Overhaul - Patch. This mod is a patch so the two mods work together. Yet LOOT gives a BIG RED ERROR MESSAGE. Please fix.
  6. I have a problem with 3DNPC Alternative Locations.esp The message I get from LOOT is "This plugin requires a new game", even though I have no game in progress. There are no saves. I have Live Another Life Alternative Start and 3DNPC, so I have all the required mods loaded. Can't get rid of the error message.
  7. These messages just showed up on LOOT as errors: "Your installed version of Kryptopyr's Fixes Reqtified is not compatible with your version of Requiem". Same for Crafting Overhaul Reqtified. Worked perfectly until now. I had uninstalled Clothing and Clutter Fixes and KFR to deal with a naked guards problem, then reconsidered. When I reinstalled the previous versions, these 2 error messages appeared. I am using Requiem 3.20 (latest). Any insight is appreciated.
  8. Mod 40960 Inigo and Mod 76231 Caranthir Tower Reborn LOOT loads Inigo above Caranthir Tower Reborn, but I think this is wrong. cdcooley writes: "I've played through Inigo's mini-quest and done the tower startup quest repeatedly to check for critical problems. Neither mod actually blocks progression of the quests in the other in any way I could detect. Inigo can get to the cabin and NPCs can enter and leave the tower, I could still find all 8 of Langley's eggs and retrieve all of Darkfox128's deviously hidden objects around the tower (after cheating to find where they are hidden). The only problems I found are graphical glitches which are minimized if you load Inigo after Caranthir Tower Reborn. When I loaded them in that order the only thing that stood out (literally) was one of Langley's wooden posts embedded in the tower's entrance structure. Other than the odd visual effect of the post (and its flag fluttering in and out of the structure's wall once it is raised) there were no problems I could identify. If there's something I've missed I really want to know. General comments about needing a patch without specifying why is not going to help make it happen in a timely fashion." Here is the discussion: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/4749095-caranthir-tower-reborn-patches/page-2
  9. Mod 72596 Requiem - Mortal Enemies Issue here is the load order of this mod vs. Mod 78139 Requiem - Dragonborn Patch. LOOT loads 72596 after 78139. But mod author of 72596 says " As said in the description, race records edits will be not compatible. So any mods that alter existing wildlife/monsters won't be. In case of Fozar's I think you should be good by just loading it after Mortal Enemies. Enemy angle attacks will be those of Fozar's but non-Dragonborn content should be as in my mod. " So load order should be Requiem - Mortal Enemies followed by Requiem - Dragonborn Patch. Here is the discussion I cited:
  10. Mod 81341 No Spell Tomes as Loot or from Vendors. The optional file "No starter spells from Riverwood Trader - Requiem". Requiem no longer has the Legendary Bugsmasher plugin, yet LOOT still shows an error for not having this plugin.
  11. OK, I've followed the advice in the link and cleaned GDO by first right clicking the "hidden" marker under Skyrim.esm. Then I selected "apply filter for cleaning" and proceeded to clean the ITMs. I used the same process with Dawnguard.esm and this removed 18 ITMs!! My LOOT now gives me no warnings, so I'm pleased. Curiously, this secret trick for cleaning (selecting "hidden" under Skyrim.esm) was revealed to me for the first time here. It does not appear in any of the detailed TES5EDit / master cleaning guides I have read. In any event, it worked, so thank you.
  12. I've got about 230 plugins loaded in Skyrim Classic. The game runs perfectly, no CTDs. Just now, I've slightly changed my load order, removed a mod. Ran LOOT again. There are 2 warnings that pop up that are, with great respect, just plain wrong. Specifically, Dawnguard and Guard Dialogue Overhaul and so-called "wild edits". First, I've followed the guide for cleaning masters to the letter (long ago, when I first installed the game). I used TES5Edit to clean the masters, and notably, I cleaned Dawnguard.esm twice. Really irritated that this warning still shows up. Second, the mod author of GDO specifically states NOT to clean his mod with TES5Edit, as any "errors" are intentional. Again, with great respect, I'm irritated that this GDO warning showed up for the first time just tonight, and never before. A mod that is years old, and has not been updated by a now long-absent mod author for some time. Again, please remove these warnings, or tell me how to hide / remove them. LOOT is a valuable and great service and I thank you for it.
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