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  1. Randy2575

    NifSkope 2.0 Dev

    Thanks Hana. This actually isn't the vanilla body, but a CBBE body I added in Max. I may have an outdated nif plugin for Max, I'll double check on that, it's Max v.2014. So far the way I've been getting around this is by opening the exported Max file in nifscope, opening the CBBE body in another instance of nif, then copying the modified Max vanilla clothes and adding them to the CBBE body. After that I export the clothes/body to the game directory in a new meshes folder. This way the clothes and body appear correct, but it seems like a long roundabout way of getting there. I am following nightasy's tutorials and must have missed something because his modified Max export appears in game without going through the nifscope body/clothes changes? Do you know why any body that gets imported to Max shows up with the burned texture instead of the normal texture? Even a CBBE body does this. When I go into the CBBE folder and I look at a body with nif, it shows up fine. When I import that same body to Max, it has the burned texture. No big deal, but I'd like to know why it's doing that? Even in nightasy's tutorials his imported bodies have the burned textures. I just downloaded nifscope a couple of days ago, so I have the latest version. Messing around on my computer, I may have found the reason why Nif was crashing all the time. Nif was installed on an older external drive and I have reason to believe the drive is starting to fail. Installed nif on another drive and am hoping for more stability. It's a steep learning curve for me, but the results are strangely satisfying to see my own modifications in the game. Thanks again Cheers
  2. Randy2575

    NifSkope 2.0 Dev

    Just discovered Nifscope 2 and am having an issue with specular. When I import the female barkeepers clothes, all looks good except the body pieces. The body has texture, but it looks very chocolate colored and the specular intensity is very high. I know I can turn off specular under the render drop down, but is there a way to just tone it down? Thanks in advance. Also, when I close Nifscope, I always get a windows pop up saying that Nifscope has stopped working, etc. That's not quite right me thinks. Any word on that?

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