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  1. I just got the game, and I made a character. Up to level 4 I got to the Bleak Falls Barrow quest. I went through the passage as normal, and I got to the part where the bandit pulls the lever with an incorrect answer, and dies through the arrow trap. The answer to the puzzle was snake, snake, whale, which was very easy to identify. After submitting the answer and pulling the lever, the gate ahead did nothing. No traps activated either. The lever animation was there, but nothing else happened. I put in the wrong answer, and the arrows still shot out. After being very frustrated, I moved on to a different quest, ignoring that one entirely. I moved on to the Proving Honor quest from the companions quest line. I got to the part where I was supposed to get behind a gate, and Farkus was supposed to turn into a werewolf and fight some people. Instead, the gate was already closed when I got there, and thus no progress was made. I did not attempt to find more gates, so it could be all of them, or some of them? I’m not sure to what extent the amount of stuck gates I have are.

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