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  1. If you say so, man. I just don't see it. Still, if I ever have to move to a different overhaul the option'll still be there when I've been 'left behind'. ;P
  2. I found an archived version and got the patch working. SkyRe's old and I don't really see it as reasonable for me to expect the authors of all the old compatibility patches to update - I'd much prefer to use UDP to do it myself. I prefer SkyRe to PerMa so I don't really see it as 'moving on', personally. Thanks anyway!
  3. I know the UDP has been superceded by USLEP but I still use SkyRe. While I've been able to use the masters transfer script in TESV Edit to change the master patches to USLEP from the obsolete versions, I've recently needed a SkyRe patch with the UDP as a master. Unless I'm missing something, TESV Edit cannot load this patch without the UDP. The bottom line is; I need the UDP in order to get patches from an old overhaul using USLEP and it has been deleted everywhere I've looked. Is there someplace I can find the UDP? I assume it was deleted to make sure people use USLEP but havin
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