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SSE - LM's Beast Teeth ( Argonian / Khajiit ) 1.0.0

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About This File

LM's Beast Teeth


- Retexture of Argonian and Khajiit Teeth

- ESP flagged as ESL (I had to add one for the Khajiit teeth. Sorry)

- BSA and loose file Version

- 4K/2K textures

- vanilla teeth meshes edited to improve the look

Install with your Mod Manager. I don't have much knowledge. So my textures aren't good, nor perfect. But I wanted finally some Beast Teeth that actually look like Teeth. I tried my best for the skin parts of the mouth. But I am not good at skin from scratch.

Teeth are bit more yellow, because itt happened pretty fast, that they are too bright, dependening on where you are. So I had to find a compromisse. Not my fault, blame Skyrim's difficult lighting. 

Textures made with Substance Painter, diffuse has some vanilla texture in it. Other than that, those are made by myself.

Tools used, xedit, niskope and Outfitstudio. 

I have no testers, and just tested them on my own set up. If you have issues, use the comment section or write me a pm. Thanks!

If you wanna use them for LE, check if you need to optimize them, or if you can just install them as is. I don't have LE, so sorry, no LE version.



Permission: If you wanna use them for your NPC Overhauls or Followers only as Dependency. No Upload anywhere else. If you have further questions concerning permission, pm me. 


Have Fun! 

- Cheers Leeloo -


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