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Pa's Fishing Aid 1.0.0

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About This File

Pa's Fishing Aid is a shotgun which was left on the cutting room floor when the Point Lookout DLC was published and was never quite finished .  This simple mod that adds a version of Pa's Fishing Aid to the game. 

This instance of the weapon has had the following done to make it complete:

  • It was changed to use Double Barrel shot guns for repair, instead of the combat shot gun.  
  • It was changed to discharge each barrel separately instead of firing both barrels at once.  
  • It was changed to use less VATS.
  • It was changed to add the "Victory Rifle Knock Down" effect on critical hits.

The weapon is in a sunken (yes, under water) boat.  If one fast travels to the Flooded Sink Hole, goes to the end of the pier and looks Southwest you will see another pier.  The sunken boat is beside that pier, below the conveniently supplied shot gun shells.  

This mod should be fine if installed with NMM.  

This mod will conflict with any other mod which updates the cell Sinkhole.

This mod requires the Point Lookout DLC.  I know this is obvious, but alas ...

This mod has been cleaned and contains no ITM or deleted records. 


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