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.50 Caliber Sniper Rifle 1.0.0

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About This File

This mod adds a Sniper Rifle which has been re-chambered for the .50 BMG round and the necessary ammunition.     

  • Several leveled lists where updated to get .50 caliber rounds into the hands of the shooters. Vendors will sell the ammunition and random Ammo Cans will also have .50 caliber ammunition.  
  • Scattered about throughout the game are another couple dozen ammo cans with .50 caliber ammunition.  
  • I updated the Ammunition Press in The PITT to both accept and produce .50 Caliber rounds.
  • For fun, I also added about the game another couple dozen boxes with Alien Epoxy.  

Before any one complains that this weapon is "over powered", it is appropriately scaled up from the stats of the current Victory Rifle.  The range, hitting power and scope magnification have all been increased.  And as with the Victory Rifle, this rifle will knock a target down on a critical hit.  It is; after all, a .50 caliber rifle.  It is supposed to be 2.5 times the power of a .308.

The rifle is in a Gun Locker (Very Hard Lock) in the National Guard Depot.  Look in the same room with the Small Guns Bobblehead.

This MOD REQUIRES all of the DLC or the GOTY edition of Fallout 3.  

I wish to express my gratitude to Pelinor for the mod More Scope Reticles and the kind permission to use one of the reticules for my new rifle.


Use this pack in one of two ways:
1. Copy and rename one of these files to Scope01.nif to replace all default crosshairs.
2. Use the files as a resource for weapon scopes in GECK. Do not rename the files, and credit me if you release a mod using any of them.

This mod will install simply with NMM.  Use it.  

I have cleaned this mod.  If this mod breaks, let me know and I will see what I can do about fixing it.  


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