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Imperial City Boulevards 1.0.0

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About This File


This small mod transforms some of the bare streets of the Elven Gardens, Market and Talos Plaza districts of the Imperial City into tree-lined boulevards.

I liked the clean, elegant look of the Imperial City but still found it a bit too bare and created this mod to augment it for my game. It adds rows of trees in small raised gardens on some of the sidewalks. The tree trunks, leaves and dappled shadows add some colour and make the districts feel a little busier.

The amount of trees added variesby location:
- The Elven Gardens district has well-canopied streets for a leafy, green suburban feel.
- The Market district has rows of trees along the two main roads and along the inner district walls.
- Talos Plaza has the fewest trees of the three which are placed along the outer ring road below the city walls. The central plaza and main roads remain clear of trees to keep the district's wide, open plaza feel.


You have several options for installing this mod:
1. Choose either a combined esp for all three districts (Elven, Market and Talos) or separate esp's for the individual districts. The latter is more modular and better if you want to mix and match.
2. After you install an esp (or three) you can change the appearance of the districts at any time just by dropping any of the alternate esps into your data folder and overwriting the current one. For example, you can change the colour of the maple trees from green to red in one or more districts on a whim just by dropping in a different file.


Combined Districts
1. Three Districts Combined (IC Boulevards.esp)

Modular Districts
1. Elven Gardens District (IC Boulevards - Elven.esp)
2. Market District (IC Boulevards - Market.esp)
3. Talos Plaza District (IC Boulevards - Talos.esp)

Variations of Each Esp
1. Summer Shade (Maple Trees)
2. Burgundy Royal (Japanese Maple Trees)
3. Candy Stripe (Maple & Japanese Maple Trees)
4+ I will add some more varieties eventually. A few I had in mind were "Autumn Splendour", "Camoran's Dream", "Mehrunes' Blight" and "Sheogorath's Delight". The IC will have a wardrobe for all occasions!

There are no support files. It is just an esp or three.


This is intended as a simple augment to the vanilla Imperial City. I assume people won't use it in combination with major city overhaul mods as that would probably be overkill! However, if you do wish to attempt to combine them, load this one before the city overhaul so the path gridding for the overhaul takes precedence. NPC's rarely collided with the trees before I changed the path-gridding, so it's less important for this mod.

There shouldn't be too many conflicts with smaller mods which add buildings and the like to the districts of the Imperial City as this mod simply adds trees in planters on the sidewalks.
Worst case you will have a tree in the way. In this case making your own ad-hoc "patch" is probably the best solution. Just open up the console in game (the ` button) while facing a problem tree, click on the tree and type "disable", and do the same with the two pieces forming its planter. Before attempting this save your game! You might try to click on a tree but miss and accidentally delete a whole building or the city wall!

This variant esps of this mod are all the same in terms of form ID's and item placements. So a patch made for one variant should work with any of the others.


Please don't upload this mod to other sites. The only valid one is my upload on the AFK Mods website.

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