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"FluffyKhajiitTails.7z" - LE version, Unchanged from original upload

"FluffyKhajiitTail-SSE-BS.7z" -  SSE version, with Bodyslide info
"FluffyKhajiitTail-SSE-BS-RaceMenu.7z" - SSE version, with Bodyslide info, plus script to enable Racemenu entry for tail morphs in-game


This is a simple replacer for the default khajiit tail model. It adds a "fluffy" khajiit tail to both male and female khajiit.

  • The included texture is intended for the vanilla texture sets, though it seems to look alright for a few of the other available khajiit textures
  • This will conflict with other mods that replace or modify the default khajiit tail models (,nif files)
  • There are generally two versions,  SSE  and  LE  ( "Special Edition / 64-bit"  and  "Legendary edition / 32-bit" )
       * The LE version is the original upload (~2016), no modifications  (sorry)
       * The SSE version has a slightly modified mesh  plus  Bodyslide sets and a handful of morphs. This does NOT require bodyslide, as there are the pre-built, default-morph mesh, but the info is there and correctly situated if one has Bodyslide installed and knows why they have Bodyslide installed.
          The nature of the mesh makes the morphs a little akwardly designed, but it mostly works. If you combine them or go beyond 100%, there'll be obvious clipping and wonkiness.
  • Within the SSE version, there are two options:
      * Version with  NO  script
      * Version with a racemenu script that allows editing the tail via in-game racemenu. This obviously requires the use of Racemenu.

If you create more textures, you can send them to me and I'll start to create a real fomod thing. Or, just post them yourself somewhere. It'd be nice to have stuff centralized, though.



The method of packing is rudimentary, no fomod or anything. It does have the right structure for Mod Organizer, NMM, and the like, to correctly install from the .7z compressed file.

If you'd like to only have the player affected, this can probably be changed to be an equippable item, or something like Player Exclusive Armor could be used: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16815/?

For the LE version:



In the texture folder ( ./Data/textures/actors/character/khajiitmale or khajiitfemale ) there are two other diffuse styles. Dark9 is a less uniform look, Dark4 was an early attempt that looks more scraggly. Just rename them to match the flufftail dds file to try them.



For the SSE version:



There are no 'extra' textures, just the one.

The bodyslide information will show up in the program as FluffyKhajiitTail-M  and FluffyKhajiitTail-F   or some such  (Male  /  Female). You can use the morph sliders to output different morphs as the installed mesh, or set the LOW / HIGH weights differently to cause character body-weight actually display a difference in the tail.

If you output from Bodyslide with the 'morphs' checkbox checked (bottom-left),  AND  are using the racemenu version, then the in-game reacemenu entry for the tail will actually work to adjust the morphs

The .tri file output from Bodyslide are actually already included, as well, so the racemenu thing should just work without having to build anything in Bodyslide.

Unless you use bodyslide to output different  .nif  files for the tail,  OR  use the racemenu plugin to alter the player-character's tail,  you will only ever see the default morph. Bodyslide allows one to output a different 'static' version of any  .nif  using available morph sliders (with LOw / HIGH weights).  Racemenu menus lets one edit the player-character morphs in-game. The Bodyslide output will affect all characters, the Racemenu stuff usually only affects the player.





  • Replaces the mailtailkhajiit.nif and femaletailkhajiit.nif with new versions
  • Creates a new texture set to use with the new .nif models.
  • There are a few non-standard things done with this, like combining model-space and tangent space normal maps in the same .nif file. The original tail uses Model-space, the fluff uses tangent-space. Report problems, I suppose
  • The darkened area near the base is a compromise with lighting. It seems that, since it is "facing up," lights reflect from it in odd ways from the rest of the body and tail. The dark color reduces the effect while not giving it a clearly different sheen.
  • I'm bad at textures. The included textures are my desperate flailings to get something that kinda works, based off the original material. Make better ones, share them.

SSE Only:

  • The tail .nif file has been changed in the .esp mod to be a  _1 / _0 weighted file couple.
  • Morphs on the 'fluff' object exist to give a slightly different look. They didn't turn out how I'd really imagined, but they're there anyway. Use Bodyslide or Racemeny to use them
  • Morphs exist in  Bodyslide -format ,tri files  (Note that bodyslide outputs different formats of .tri  files than 'regular' .tri files from Bethesda).



This uses a few resources from "Slof", created for oblivion originally. It looks like they created the fluff texture/alpha, fluff normal, and fluff specular maps and used the fluff mesh idea from another mod from Nexus ( http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/17088/ -- I think). I adjusted the mesh and model setup for skyrim (not entirely straight forward :3 ) , created new diffuse texture, and combined the things to work as a mod.
For my own parts, I don't care about distribution or if I'm credited at all. Go ahead and edit / repost.

What's New in Version SSE_1.0 / LE_1.0


LE Version:

"FluffyKhajiitTails.7z" - Unchanged


SSE Version:

"FluffyKhajiitTail-SSE-BS.7z" -  SSE version, with Bodyslide info
"FluffyKhajiitTail-SSE-BS-RaceMenu.7z" - SSE version, with Bodyslide info, plus script to enable Racemenu entry for tail morphs in-game

* Bodyslide sets
* _1 / _0  weighted couples for the .nif files (if you build different LOW / HIGH weights in Bodyslide, it actually works taht way).
* morphs on the tail fluff
* Different texture (not better, just different)
* version with Racemenu script to edit tail morphs in-game with racemenu


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On 11/14/2019 at 3:41 AM, AlienSlof said:

Any chance of this for Skyrim SE?

Or mind if I port it?

I, ironically, was doing this concurrently. It's there. If you want to make better textures, please do.

Also, make a version of the Snowleopard khajiit for Skyrim.

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I have done a texture rework, mostly in the alpha channel to make the fur look fluffier and less uniform - it looks less layered now. I haven't tried making a race mod for Skyrim, but that one would be a good choice to start. :)

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