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HEART - Candy

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Candy Retex


by Hana / Hanaisse





This one is a little different. This is a mesh and texture replacer for three (3) of the food objects;

* Boiled Creme Treat

* Honey Nut Treat

* Long Taffy Treat

I couldn't in good faith make better textures without modifying the meshes somewhat to improve UV mapping and switch up some shader flags to my liking. The Honey Nut Treat was completely remodeled.

New textures are remade at;

Boiled Creme - 512x512 - 3x's the size of the original of 128x128 plus a new added texture for the creamy center.

Honey Nut - 512x512 - 2x's the size of the original of 256x256.

Taffy - 512x256 - improved from the original of 512x64.



Unzip into a temp folder. Drop the Meshes and Textures folder into your Data folder.



Delete the mesh files in meshes\clutter\food;




Delete the texture files in textures\clutter\food;

candy01.dds, candy01_n.dds, candy01_m.dds

candy01a.dds, candy01a_n.dds

candy02.dds, candy02_n.dds

candy03.dds, candy03_n.dds


A HEART Project AFKMods Production.

All rights reserved.

See the release thread for more information.



** YOU MAY NOT USE ANY TEXTURES FROM THIS MOD WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE ORIGINAL MOD AUTHOR Hana/Hanaisse. Rights to some images are restricted by third party license to this mod. Others are the creation of the mod artist Hana/Hanaisse. Contact the mod author for details if you have questions. If the original mod author cannot be reached, then no texture in this mod may be used for any purpose whatsoever.

** Do not upload this mod on any other site.



Textures are original creations by me or with the help of textures from shutterstock.com and cgtextures.com with Photoshop brushes courtesy of ObsidianDawn.com


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